2007 "Southern Patrol"
Scenes of our time into Austria

Our first evening (Thursday) in Österreich (Austria) we enjoyed a super dinner at Landskron Castle, sitting high atop a mountain.  Photo left is the scene of the city far below the castle.  Photo right is the outer wall of the castle.

Enjoying the time at Landskron Castle - photo left is Charter Member BILL REED with Sylvia Strauch.  Photo right is Member JIMMY KENNEDY with some local money.  More dinner photos follow:



On to the shooting competition and the sightseeing.......................
Above left - the largest operational crossbow in Europe stands outside the shooting club, photo above right.

On Friday, we began the day at the shooting range.  Photo left - Sharkhunters President HARRY COOPER is shooting.  No wonder he only finished 4th.!  The dummy is shooting left handed!
Photo right - Member "Deadeye" DUANE LUTHE-CHARLES fires the crossbow.

We visited the fortress castle Hochosterwitz and the chapel we see in the photo left is starkly imposed over the valley below - about a mile below!  We enjoyed our lunch in the castle courtyard a mile in the sky.

Inside the Castle Hochosterwitz - its own museum.

Above left - no, JESS BONDS is not in the brig, but that's where the unruly soldier would land centuries ago;
Above right - no bars on the window?  No problem - it's a looooooooooong way down.  Nobody escapes.

         One of the walls at Hochosterwitz                                               Our group on the battlements

                Another view from the battlements                                      Hochosterwitz from the valley below

Photo above - our group listens to the Polezeichor (Police Singing Choir) during our dinner at Schloß Hallegg.

Photo left - Members 'WOLF' WOLFERSPERGER, EZIO MAIOLINI and U-Boat veteran ERWIN BURDT applaud the Polezeichor.
Photo right - the Polezeichor singing.

Photos of 3rd SS Veteran removed   
Above center - Anne, xxxxx and "WOLF" WOLFERSPERGER
Above right - Our hard-working castle waitress Billie

Our Evenings with the Veterans were Priceless!
Our hosts for the evenings were:
   Upper left - Herr Teutscher, President of the Ulrichsberg Gemeinschaft;
       Upper center - die Burgermeisterin (Lady Mayor) Hilde Gagle
            Upper right - Sharkhunters Member WOLF-DIETER RESSING, Vice President, Ulrichsberg Gemeinschaft;

     Photo of 3rd SS Veteran removed

Photo left - on the Saturday evening, the young people performed the centuries-old folk dances and songs.
Photo Right - WALTER GROSSER, HARRY COOPER and xxxxx of the 3rd SS at dinner.  Sadly, just one week later, WALTER began his "Eternal Patrol".

                                 Above and below - More folk dances and music in Krumpendorf - wonderful!

Photo left - the 'dopple sextet' entertained us with their melodic folk songs
Photo right - everyone is enjoying the evening fellowship, friendship, history and the singing.

Three photos - Veterans family of the SS "Flame of Flanders" Division.

Above left - We are welcomed into the hall;
Above right - some of our group in the hall.

Photos above and below - more of our group in the hall for the evening's festivities.

If there's a beer party, Sharkhunters will find it!
Our little town of Krumpendorf had a great Oktoberfest celebration.  Upper right - JESS BONDS gets his cotton candy.  Cotton candy JESS?  Aren't we supposed to have beer at Oktoberfest?

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