2007 "Southern Patrol"
Scenes of our time at the Ulrichsberg Memorial

Photo left - look closely and you'll see the ruined cathedral and the cross.  We're going WAY up there.
Photo right - the view from atop the mountain.

Above left - but first we had to get there.  Slight delay while the police cleared some garbage from the road;
Above right - the Memorial begins!

Both photos above - the ruined cathedral around which the Memorial Ceremonies are based.

As the crowd gathers, the Austrian Army Band of the 7th Brigade (the "Iron 7th") prepares to play in photo left, while photo right shows the flag bearers preparing for the ceremony.

The ladies still schnapps on the mountain - really GOOD schnapps!

LIFE Member
DUANE LUTHE-CHARLES had this to say about his time on this "Patrol":
"I had a fantastic time and my most vivid memory was seeing PAUL RÍSCH again and visiting with Sepp Dorsch and many other veterans.  We are friends!  I have come off this "Patrol" as with the 2005 "Patrol" enriched by the people of like mind.  My greatest impression is what HARRY COOPER said before the veterans.....
'We (the Sharkhunters) are here with the highest
                respect for all of you who fought with honor.'

Photo left - the huge cross atop Ulrichsberg Mountain.
Photo right - the three men in the white hats are the Villach Marine Kameradschaft (the local branch of the Navy League).  These three men are all that are left from a once very large Kameradschaft.

Photo left - friends on the mountain: One from the USAF and three from the Wehrmacht.
Photo right - more friends relaxing before the Memorial Ceremony

Veterans bow their heads in a moment of silent remembrance.

Penny Luthe-Charles wrote this:
"I had a fantastic time and my most vivid memory was the ceremony at Ulrichsberg and the fabulous view from the Eagle's Nest.  We must keep those in the "Patrol" as well as the memorial in Redipuglia, Italy.  As usual, the 'Southern Patrol' was fantastic!  The history, landmarks and beautiful scenic vistas cannot be beat.  In a word - WUNDEBAR!!!"

Both photos above - entrance to the ruined cathedral; now the Memorial Shrine.

Memorial plaques (photos above and below) inside the ruined cathedral, which now serves as a Memorial Shrine.

           "WOLF" WOLFERSPERGER and Josef Dorsch                 WALTER GROSSER and HARRY COOPER

Member CRAIG SMITH wrote this:
"I had a fantastic time and my most vivid memory was the evening at the Hotel Rosenheim.

His wife Angela Smith wrote this:
"I had a fantastic time and my most vivid memory was the time in Austria with the veterans at the celebration and getting to share the Rosenheim Hotel with the vets.

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