Our dinner in the beautiful Holzkäfer seen below:
                            Earl, Susan, Joanne & Karl                                   Craig, Angela, Chris, Mari-Elain, Curt

                                 Carl, Craig, Angela                                                       Gerhard

                                             Norma                                                          Laura and "Wolf"

                       Curt, Earl, Susan, Joanne and Karl                                          Ezio and Chris
Laura says that the upper right photo will bring more women on our "Patrols".  Since Chris is single and never misses these "Southern Patrols", Laura feels that more single women will sign on for 2008.

Photo left - this is the original entrance to the elevator that takes us up to the Eagle's Nest.
Photo right - In front of the Italian marble fireplace, a gift from Mussolini.

NEXT - Alpine Views - We Just Can't Get Enough of this Beautiful Scenery!
Above left - that crow is looking at that beer awfully seriously!
Above right - the Eagle's Nest shot from the Memorial.

Three photos above.............AWESOME just doesn't begin to describe it!

                                  It is impossible to take a bad photograph here!

                            Three photos at the Memorial high up from the Eagle's Nest

                Above and below - Almost makes you want to yodel....................well, maybe not.

More of the Magnificent Eagle's Nest
Above left - Our group in the original brass lined elevator.  It's been here since Bormann had it built.
Above right - The entry to the Eagle's nest, properly known as Kehlsteinhaus - the "house on Kehlstein Mountain".

Photo left - Members EDDIE KUMMER, HARRY COOPER and RONAL HEUTON enjoy lunch at the
           Eagle's Nest high in the clouds on Kehlstein Mountain.
Photo right - looking from the Eagle's Nest up to the Memorial a few hundred meters further up.

Photo left - After a walk up the footpath, this is the Memorial on top of the mountain.
Photo right - the Eagle's Nest seen from the Memorial.

Hotel zum Türken - Where Hitler's Personal Guard
                     Lived When he was on the Mountain.

                   Entrance to the Hotel zum Türken                                 the Breakfast Room in the Hotel zum Türken
Hitler's personal guard stayed here during the war.  Today, it is the best breakfast we enjoy anywhere in Europe.

Photos above - our rooms, each with a door leading onto a balcony.  NICE!

Above left - the courtyard of the Hotel zum Türken.
Above right - Hotel zum Türken.....the driveway lower right was at Hitler's Berghof.
          The photographer was standing where Hitler's Berghof once stood.

Both photos above - not much remains of Hitler's Berghof; the government has demolished it.

Above left - air shaft to the basement of Hitler's Berghof.
Above right - emergency exit from Hitler's personal bunker.

Above left - wherever you look on the mountain, there are reminders of the massive bunker system underground.
Above right - emergency exit from the main bunker complex.

Above left - all that remains of Hitler's Berghof is the back retaining wall.
Above right - Speer's studio still stands.

Above left - the guardhouse at the Hotel zum Türken has stood for decades since the 1930's.
Above right - the circular room in the Hotel zum Türken where Hitler, Göring, Himmler,
                          Bormann, Heydrich and others frequently took their morning coffee.

DOWN INTO THE BUNKERS..................
Above left - down, down some four or five stories into the depths of the mountain into the bunker system.
Above right - one of the many tunnels in the bunker system.

Above left - down into one of the many machine gun emplacements.
Above right - the door on the left went to another machine gun emplacement and the door
       on the right is where the guard dogs were housed.

Above left - Here's where a soldier spends a night if he's drunk or for other minor infractions, the brig!
Above right - ventilation to the room above.....the brig!

Above left - we enjoyed dinner here one evening in Berchdesgaten.
Above right - it is impossible to get a bad meal in Germany or Austria!

Above left - the Holzkäfer where we enjoyed dinner one evening - best steaks in Europe!
Above right - the bar at Holzkäfer.  A "Holzkäfer" is an insect that eats wood - go figure!

Below are random scenes in Salzburg


Photo above left - We warned our people to watch out for bicycles..................

There are street vendors and beautiful scenery galore - like the famed Salzburg Castle (below).




Yep - it SURE was good to be the king................


Above far right - Yep, that flat with the open windows is where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born.

Yep - it was indeed, good to be the king!  Where can I apply?


Above and below - These four photos are from JESS BONDS

Why aren't YOU in any of these photos?  Don't wait for "next year" - come "on Patrol" with us now.

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