2007 "Southern Patrol"
Scenes of our time on the Worthersee

Photo left - Members PAUL RÖSCH (3rd SS) & PETER STOCKNER enjoy the delicious ice cream before departing.
Photo right - HARRY COOPER and PETER STOCKNER discus the day's plans.

Photo left - our beautiful SS THALIA comes dockside to pick us up.
Photo right - Our friend and Member ENRICO COSTA entertains all on board.  He is known as the 'Golden Voice' and if you heard him sing, you would quickly agree.

Photo left - boarding this beautiful ship, more than 100 years old!
Photo right - Enjoying the cruise (from left) Sharkhunters Members PAUL RÖSCH (veteran of the Viking Division); PETER STOCKNER (his father served with the Gebirgsjäger); the wife of a veteran, her husband (a veteran of the war); and Sharkhunters President HARRY COOPER.

Photos below - whether coming or going, this is a beautiful boat.

Photo left - WALTER GROSSER smiles as he congratulates Sharkhunters President HARRY COOPER on the receipt of the Landes-Ehrenzeichen in Gold from the Salzburg Veterans Association.  Ulrichsberg Gemeinschaft Vizepräsident WOLF-DIETER RESSENIG looks on from the right.

Photo right - close up photo of the same scene.  The beautiful and impressive medal can be seen on HARRY's shirt as he holds the certificate.

The fun continues as ENRICO continues to sing (photo left) while HARRY COOPER and PETER STOCKNER enjoy their beers.  This is a rare photo - when's the last time we saw "Half Can" HARRY with a beer?

Fairytale scenery like this is all along the banks of the Worthersee - right off a picture postcard!

Photo left - HARRY COOPER listens to war stories from an SS veteran.
Photo right - We take in the magnificent sights along the Worthersee.

ENRICO is still singing.............and HARRY is still drinking.  Relax, it's the same beer.  This three-hour long boat cruise with about 100 veterans is a wonderful way to meet some really great friends and launch lasting friendships while listening to the 'Golden Voice' of ENRICO and taking in this magnificent Alpine scenery.  You can't top this!

Photo left - more of this beautiful Alpine lake scenery.
Photo right - ENRICO COSTA and HARRY COOPER share conversation at the bar.  The gentleman in the hat is a veteran of the SS and proudly shows his SS 'Honors' ring to our Sharkhunters Members.

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