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SHARKHUNTERS International 2016 “Hitler in Argentina” Expedition

Sharkhunters President HARRY COOPER 1-LIFE-1983 spent the month of February 2016 on expedition in Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil and what he learned amazed even him.  We met with some fascinating people, saw historic secrets and learned a lot about the end of World War Two – and who came to South America.

Here is his report. Join us in our photos as we walk in the footsteps of history.

We were able to accomplish ALMOST all we planned.  What we missed included just two things:
*  We were to meet with the daughter of Evita but she backed out at the last moment;
*  We were not able to go into Paraguay as no one would rent a car to us!  It appears that cars are stolen frequently and worse yet, the area is loaded with narco-smugglers and/or guerillas who kidnapped travelers for ransom.

No worries – we accomplished a lot!


Days 1 and 2 combined

(30 and 31 January)

These were travel days with not much going on, so we combined them here. There is however, an important reason we use the cover of our Best Selling book in this spot.

When we got to the Atlanta Airport on 30 January, I was rolled in the courtesy wheelchair to the Delta Sky Lounge to relax. During my conversation with the waitress, I mentioned my Best Selling book “Hitler in Argentina” and gave her my card with the photo of the book on it.  She left to continue her work but in five minutes she was back and had a young waiter with her.  He shook my hand and acted as if he were meeting the Pope!  He is in his Masters Program in history and last year he did a book report on this very book!  His grade on the project was 98.5 which is very good.  He said that he would have received a grade of 100 but he was 50 words short of the required number of words. Too bad …or maybe he should have planned better?

The flight to Buenos Aires was long and boring – but I rather have boring than some flights I have endured.

We landed in the early morning and Delta had a wheelchair waiting for me with a beautiful young lady attendant.  For some reason, maybe only God can understand – but we had to clear security, complete with full body X-Ray, now to go OUT of the airport. Who ever heard of that?  Maybe they thought I had a middle eastern family of six hidden in my one suitcase? She got me to the car to take me to the hotel and as previously stated, speed limits are merely suggestions. He was going a solid 125 kph where the posted speed limit was 80 kph.  The lines on the pavement, if anything, give the drivers a reference point and they have the line going down the middle of their car!  It is almost like an “E” ticket ride at Disneyland!

Once into my room at the Hotel Centro Naval (the Central Navy Hotel) I noticed that they had done some remodeling and now the windows have been replaced with the German style windows we see in Europe. I was not all that happy that my window opened wide when my room was on the 8th floor. That would be the possibility of an easy “accident” or “suicide” so I kept the window closed and locked. It has been less than a week since I got out of the hospital from my fall off the roof so the peace and quiet with nothing to do was welcome.

Since this is the beginning of the expedition and I am doing nothing but getting acclimated, there were not too many photos taken. Later in the expedition, there are tons of photos …and new information.  Watch for it.

In the beautiful breakfast room of the Hotel Centro Naval I told Rosa, the girl in charge there, why I was in Argentina.  Without batting an eye, she said:

“Of course. We all know that Hitler lived out his life in Argentina; the same as Bormann, Mengele and thousands of others.”

She is only 35 years of age – how could she know this? Maybe most people there do.

Days 3 and 4 combined

(1 and 2 February)
These first few days in Buenos Aires were used primarily to call our contacts, arrange meetings and do some resting after just getting out of the hospital.  On the 2nd, HECTOR SPINELLI, Member #7940 and I enjoyed lunch in a nice Buenos Aires restaurant.  HECTOR (photo below) has translated our books “Hitler in Argentina” and also “Hitler and the Secret Alliance” into Spanish and also into Portuguese.  He and I are working on various projects down there that we cannot talk about just yet.

Days 5 (3 February)

This day I visited with Dr. EDUARDO GERDING, Member #6895.  He is retired from the Argentine Navy and has been a Member more than 12 years.  He has been a huge help in this research. He and his wife hosted me in their home again.  Always nice to visit them.

Days 6     (4 February)

Dr. MARIO MARISCOTTI, Member #7964 and his wife had me to their home for dinner and their friends were there as well. It was a very pleasant evening and I learned a lot.  Dr. MARISCOTTI is the former Chief of the Argentine Atomic Energy Commission and he has written a book entitled “The Secret of Heumul Island” covering the nuclear research facility on Heumul Island in Lake Nahuel Huapi by San Carlos di Bariloche.  It is a very interesting book; I proof-read the English version and found it educational.

Day 7, 8 & 9     5-7 February

It was time to get down to work and do some researching so I spent some time with LAURENCE deMELLO whom we consider the world’s top researcher on Martin Bormann. What a fine lady  She rode for hours on a train with no air conditioning in the 100º heat to meet me in Buenos Aires so we could take the train together back to her ranch.  If left on my own. I would still be on an Argentinean train going …God knows where?

She knew I had just gotten out of the hospital and couldn’t do enough for me. I was given the guest house overlooking the pool and she showed me around the estancia and told me that anything I wanted or needed, I should just get it myself; that I was free to go anywhere and eat anything I wanted, that this was no “Nanny House” then she quickly made sure I had anything I needed because I was still in pain from the fall.

We accomplished a lot with many more photos, which we will cover in our KTB Magazine later.  She is not only a superb researcher, she is also a fine lady and a class act.

Here we see the world’s top expert on Bormann with the world’s top expert on the U-Bootwaffe and on the escape of Adolf Hitler together in research.

This research is not easy. Her daughter Georgia learns.LAURENCE has this in her research collection.

Maria, the cook, spoiled the heck out of me. Anything I wanted to eat – she made it. As you see by the spread before me, she is a really fine cook. You might ask why I look like ‘Ahab the Arab‘ in these photos.  Before I came to her ranch, I mentioned to LAURENCE that I had to do some laundry before I could come to her ranch. Nonsense! She said to bring all my dirty clothes – so at her insistence, I bundled all my dirty clothes and went to her ranch.  So while all my clothes were in the wash, I wore this khaftan or dashiki or whatever one calls it and just as well. It was quite cool and the breezes were welcome in the middle of the day when temperatures went up.
LAURENCE was a great host – she couldn’t do enough for me.  She spent a lot of time on the computer trying to make reservations for me and my guide Martin to take the ferry boat across the Rio de la Plata to Uruguay.  On my last day there, she accompanied me to the train station to make sure I got the right train.  There was a guy lying on the platform, not moving, and LAURENCE went to see if he was even alive.  He was, and came out of his drunken stupor and said; “I need a woman.”  She said “You’re on your own for that!” I guess that’s what is called ‘local color‘ and she sat down next to me to wait for the train. The train, which I dubbed the ‘Sweatbox Express‘ arrived on time. I said my goodbyes to LAURENCE and hopped aboard the non-air conditioned train in the 100º plus heat and rode several hours back to Buenos Aires where I checked back into the hotel to get ready for more research tomorrow.
Many thanks again to LAURENCE – a superb Bormann researcher, a great hostess and a good friend.

DAY 10     8 February

This was the day we boarded the ferryboat for the three-hour ride across the Rio de la Platte, over the same waters traversed by GRAF SPEE in December 1939. We landed at the port of Colonia, Uruguay and after lunch, we went to the village of Colonia Suisse – Swiss Colony. Martin did his work and talking to an old lady in the village, she pointed us in the direction of Omar Moreira. Omar lived in this village all his life and he confirmed what Martin had discovered. Omar is a neat guy and he wrote a book about the history of the Colonia Suisse, which he autographed and gave to me.

Martin learned that Dr. Josef Mengele had come to this village in 1958. He arrived on 25 July and stayed for eight days as it was necessary for him to marry his brother’s wife when his brother died. This was purely for financial reasons we are told. We went to the house where Mengele stayed on the outskirts of town.  The owner bought the house years ago and one of the reasons was that it is where Mengele stayed for that time in 1958. Mengele fled soon after into Paraguay because fortunes were turning against him.  Perón was out of power and Eichmann had been kidnapped. He felt that this area was not safe for him.

We counted a total of thirteen dogs in the yard of this house but Martin got the attention of the owner, who let him inside the house.  The owner refused to let us take photos inside the house. I took many photos of the outside of the house but the chip that held those photos was defective and so those photos do not exist.  In the town plaza stands a beautiful monument, erected in 1937 and Omar told us there is a Swastika Flag in the cornerstone of this monument. Again – sadly, that photo was destroyed too.

Day 11     9 February

This day we drove down to Montevideo, a very modern city and we wanted to look at the artifacts that were taken from the Panzerschiff GRAF SPEE. It is not as easy as it might seem.  One does not merely walk up to these items and start photographing. These pieces of history are on the grounds of the Admiralty – the headquarters of the Uruguay Navy and the sign ‘NO PASAR‘ is backed up by armed sentries so even though we know that ‘NO PASAR‘ means Sharkhunters are welcome, there is no sneaking past the guards.

We know what ‘NO PASAR‘ means but what should we do? I told Martin to ask to see the Officer of the Deck. When we got to the OD, I showed him my US Coast Guard (Aux.) credentials and Martin told him that I was a Flotilla Commander, which I was until a few years ago when I resigned. No problem the OD told us; the sentry opened the gate and we went in. They take very good care of these priceless historic artifacts.
borrowed this shot because no amount of my Irish smooth talking could get us in to see this part of GRAF SPEE. Note that the Swastika is covered because everyone knows that if you look at a Swastika, your brain will melt …or something like that.

Actually we are told that this is a political hot potato between Germany, England and a few other nations with Uruguay caught in the middle and so, until the situation is sorted out and solved, this artifact is REALLYNO PASAR‘. In fact, it is not even here on the grounds of the Uruguay Navy HQ.  It is in another building, in a locked room with an armed sentry at the door.  They would not even tell us the location of this building. Oh well…

SHARKHUNTERS International 2016 “Hitler in Argentina Expedition

Tunnels? Bunkers? Hidden trap doors? Come along.

Almost every day Sharkhunters President HARRY COOPER 1-LIFE-1983 finds something or someone more amazing than the previous. This day was awesome!


It is not difficult to find buildings with tunnels and bunkers in Germany, Austria and other parts of Europe – but in South America?  Note that we are not revealing the village and that the name of the hotel has been obliterated.

It is bad enough when someone plagiarizes our books; we are not going to tell them all our sources so they can go there and claim that they made these discoveries.

What a magnificent hotel, right? It is a very large facility with many rooms and built a long time ago.  It is puzzling however, that this large hotel is in a very remote village – actually outside the little village, in the middle of nowhere. If you look closely at these photos as we saw the place itself, it will become apparent that there are no guests staying there. We saw no sign of anyone except the lady who owned the hotel and her daughter.

Prior to 1976 when the lady’s father bought the place, it was a convent run by the Catholic Church.  Maybe that explains why it is so far removed from any traces of civilization …and of course, the Catholic Church would never help anyone escaping from the crumbled Third Reich – would they?

Damn right they would – and as we know, they did.

If you are in the correct room and if you know the secret, you slide the big overstuffed white sofa and footstool out of the way, fold up the carpet – and look what you find!

In the photo left we are standing on the main level looking down the steps into the bunker.

In the photo left we are already down the first set of steps and going into the main rooms in this small bunker system. This is a well planned and well constructed set of bunkers and tunnels …excellent planning.

But why?  Why do you think?????

This is a small system and now used by the hotel for wine and beer storage, but what was it used for before these people bought it in 1976  Why was it built outside a little village in the middle of nowhere? What was it used for prior to 1976? Why does it appear that there are no guests and if we look closely, it does not appear as if they have had guests here for some time.

We are about thirty feet underground here and looking at the decorations on the walls, it is obvious that all this artwork is fairly new. Doubtful it was on the walls very long ago. Naturally, the lady who owns the hotel, who inherited it from her father, has the same problem as Sergeant Schultz – she sees nothing, she hears nothing, and she knows nothing.  Maybe this is true that she does not know the history of the hotel as she is in her early ’50s and they only bought the hotel in 1976, more than three decades after the end of World War Two. It is unlikely that she is ignorant of the entire history of the place but…..

Day 12  10 February

We visited the Uruguay Navy Museum and about half of it had to do with GRAF SPEE; I even bought a copy of the logbook of this ship. There was a Marine in the museum and he tried for two hours to get permission for us to view the giant eagle and Swastika from the bow of GRAF SPEE but no luck.

We spoke with a wonderful old gentleman who was 95 years of age; looked like maybe 65. Jose Rossas was 18 years old in December 1939 so he and his friends rode their bicycles to the waterfront to watch the anticipated naval battle. He said; “All of a sudden, there was this massive explosion and she ship was on fire all over!” At 95 years of age, he still drives his car.
Then we went to the home of a Latvian guy who was dubbed ‘the Butcher of Riga‘ by whomever puts titles on people’s names. In the 1960’s he was ambushed by agents of Mossad but he was a very big man and hard to subdue, so they killed him and stuffed his body in a steamer trunk where it remained in the house for twenty days! I am guessing this was not a pretty sight and that the house smelled pretty bad by then.

UPDATE 14 March 2016 – We have been informed that this man was Herbert Curcurs. Mossad operatives killed him and placed his body in a trunk with a dossier of his activities. It is the only murder of a German admitted by the Mossad. The title ‘Butcher of Riga‘ was made by Frederick Forsyth in his book “The Odessa File“.

We decided to visit the graves of the thirty-six men who were killed aboard GRAF SPEE during their sea battle with HMS AJAX, HMS ACHILLES and HMS EXETER. They are in a cemetery here in Montevideo but the closer we got to the cemetery, the seedier the neighborhood became. We stopped to ask a police officer for directions. He said that we were only a few blocks away…then quickly added that he did not advise us to go there. He said that even he, a police officer, would not go into that area and it was part of his beat! Okay, I am pretty brave but certainly not stupid so we broke off today’s quest for the graves of the GRAF SPEE men.

NOTE – From this point forward, we will most likely NOT reveal names of our sources or the names of towns. The reason is simple – we value our sources and will not compromise their identities in any way.

Day 13     11 February

Both above – the memorial to the men and to the battle……of the River Plate, looking over the empty sea
As we have said, Montevideo is a beautiful city……but the mermaids leave much to be desired. These mermaids are at the scenic overlook to the sea.
About mid-morning we drove to a little town quite a ways out of Montevideo and we came to an automotive shop in the middle of nowhere – Uruguay has a lot of ‘Nowhere‘; and we talked with the owner of the shop. He was a very pleasant man of about 40 years, and as we see here, he had quite an interest in the Third Reich. He has this collection of canceled Third Reich postage stamps. He gave one to me.

Why does he have such an interest in this history?  He has a friend in this village whose grandfather was in the Luftwaffe.  He gave us the impression that his friend’s grandfather was a mechanic.  We asked if we could talk with his friend, so while Martin and I were at lunch, this man called his friend who said he was happy to meet with us.

As we were soon to learn, his grandfather was anything BUT a mechanic!

His friend was a big man with blue eyes and blond hair, also about 40 years of age. He spoke fluent English and German. As we talked with this man, it man it quickly became apparent that his grandfather was MUCH more than a mechanic …then he told us the name of his grandfather.Look over these blueprints and see if you can guess who his grandfather was…
In case you haven’t figured it out as yet…Roy met us outside his house and we talked for a while. He was fluent in English and also in German. During the conversation, we got the impression that his grandfather may have been a mechanic of some type in the Luftwaffe.

He invited us into his home and pulled out a lot of blueprints, photographs, and letters etc. about his grandfather. It quickly became clear that his grandfather was not a simple mechanic but much more. Then he told us the name of his grandfather.

His grandfather was Reimar Horten!

Reimar Horten and his brother were the famed Horten Brothers who designed the HO 229 jet-powered flying wing bomber for the Luftwaffe. From Roy and later from the son of Reimar we learned that he was also instrumental in the design of the B-2 bomber and the F-117 stealth aircraft for the US Air Force. The son and the grandson of Reimar Horten have said they will work with Sharkhunters with any information we need. We thank them and look forward to very informative communications in the future.

Photo above – we get an idea how high this isPhoto above – compare to the size of the people
Photo below – from the deck looking out to seaPhoto below – from the deck looking down the beach.

Note that this building is on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Why? Let’s take a longer look and get a perspective of the building, how and where it is situated on the cliff and what can be seen from high up in the “Eye of the Eagle”, the uppermost floor which appears to be an observation post of some kind.

Let’s look at the deck …look out to sea. It is quite a vantage point.

In the photos above we see the size of this structure and we see what it was like to look far out to sea and also to look down the beach. Now we go down on the beach to get an idea how far the observers above could see.

Looking northward up the beachLooking northward up the beach
Looking northeasterly up the beachLooking easterly, more or less, off the beach
Looking southeasterly down the beachLooking to the south down the beach
Looking southerly at the cliffs down the beachLooking at …the beach

If you look directly up from the woman in the green chair to the bottom of the cliff, you will see an unusual object protruding out of the sand. What is it?  What is it for? We do not know, but let’s take a closer look.


What is this thing?  What is it for?  Look closely at the lower right photo inside the red circle – the number “35” has been put there apparently by a welder.  Does that refer to 1935?  Or something else?

As to the house itself …or as it is known locally the “Eagle’s Nest” – why? According to the accepted history, it was built in 1945 which itself, is quite interesting.  Also according to accepted history, it was built for a wealthy Italian who was a bit eccentric. On the other hand, according to locals it was built as a lookout and/or a point of reference for German U-Boats and other vessels heading south to Argentina after the end of the war and the exodus of thousands from the crumbled Europe to safety and a new life.  We may never know – but two years ago a group of neo-Nazis held a rally here. Strange? Or was it so strange?

We drove on to Punte del Este, the Monte Carlo of Uruguay or as my guide Martin described it – “M & M” country, meaning “Models and MILFs”.  Maybe he meant “Mercedes and Masseratis”? Let’s see when we get there…

Day 14   Friday, 12 February

On this day we drove a very long way out of Puente del Este beyond the point the paved road ended and onward along a dirt road …it was either a dirt road or a place where they intended to plant corn someday. Our goal was the Rocha Lagoon.

Back in the days of glamorous – and expensive – air travel when men wore suits and ladies wore dresses and white gloves to fly, this was the world’s largest flying boat of the era.  This is the Latécoére 631 and her registration was F-BANT as we see here.  Six Wright R-2600-A5B Cyclone engines powered this huge bird and once the war ended, they resumed regular passenger flights between Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, and Montevideo.  Her maiden flight was 19 March 1945 …even before the war ended. But on Wednesday 31 October 1945 at about 1550 hours, this plane had an emergency.

One of the propeller blades of the Nr. 3 engine (the one on the port wing nearest the fuselage) separated and went into the Nr. 2 engine (the one next to it – the center engine portside) causing the propeller on the Nr. 2 engine to also fly apart. One of the propeller blades sliced into the fuselage, tearing a hole about three meters in size – and killing two people. A small fire aboard was quickly extinguished. They made an emergency landing in the Rocha Lagoon to effect emergency repairs then moved on to a place where permanent repairs could be affected as seen here.  Note that the cowlings on the Nr. 2 and Nr. 3 engines have been removed.

What makes this incident so unique and interesting is the fact that we cannot find any record of the departure airport or the intended destination airport or a passenger roster or even the names of those killed.

Where was she going? Who was aboard? What cargo, if any, was aboard? We do not know and probably never will know, but…

We had a long, dusty and hard ride to the Rocha Lagoon and an equally long and hard ride back.  This was to be our last day in real civilization, so I decided we deserved a treat in the tradition of one last meal for the condemned man.

This is Papa Charlie’s restaurant and as you see, it is right on the beach.  The spaghetti was great as was the scenery…..note the Atlantic Ocean in the photo.  Right behind the camera and across the boulevard is that new Trump Tower going up.

It is time to rest now because tomorrow we leave “M & M” Land here and head into the wilderness – and that is no joke!

Day 15     13 February

If you saw the movie “Romancing the Stone” you will remember the shabby, almost primitive village with terribly run down houses – sorry, I mean shacks.  This area was pretty much like that.

In the photo directly below we see our goal – a lighthouse at the hydroelectric station in the middle of nowhere.  Who builds a lighthouse hundreds of miles from the ocean?  And why?  But it was built here in 1938.  Security here was incredible for a simple hydroelectric plant built almost eight decades ago.

We were passed through the first gate with a guard.  Then we got to the interior security and in the photo below right we see the high chain link fence with three strands of barbed wire above it.  About two feet inside that fence is a high electrified fence…..a lot of security for such a place.

Here I am pointing at the lighthouse we want to see.  Note there is an array of solar panels behind me. This is a hydroelectric generating plant nowhere near an ocean – a lighthouse here?  Why would they also need solar panels here. Nobody could explain that.Here I am with “Officer Dumb Ass” who refused to let us in.  He claimed there was a ‘radiation leak‘… an ancient hydroelectric plant.  Even he could not have thought we would believe that.  Martians maybe?  Space Aliens?  Maybe – but a radiation leak?
This facility was built by Germany in 1938 but once the war began in 1939, Uruguayan police raided the place and found photos of Adolf Hitler on the walls.  Where is the surprise?  The facility was built by Germany and he was the Chancellor.  In just about every country, you will find photos of the president or chancellor or prime minister or whatever hanging in all government buildings.  It is the norm.

They also suspected that the engineers and technicians working at this plant “had Nazi tendencies“.  ‘Patriotic‘ might be another term for that as Germany was at the height of her rebirth.

We found another guard who didn’t think he was guarding Fort Knox or a cache of nuclear weans and when we asked if we could go through, he said, “Why not?” and he opened the gate for us to drive in.

Once through the gate, this is the ‘road‘ we had to drive on.  It was atop the dam itself and looked really rickety; then we remembered it was German built.  We drove the VW right down this one lane road.Here we are looking waaaaaaay down at the complex which included offices, control stations and God knows what else in this compound.  It is a VERY long way down if the road fails.
This is what we came to see – one of the light bulbs for the lighthouse.  Note that the filament is in the shape of a Swastika.  Adolf Hitler sent a congratulatory letter to the directors of the facility in 1938.  Much as we tried, we could not get a copy of that letter…yet!
As we depart the facility, we had to shoot photos of the workers housing area.  There are houses, cantinas, grocery stores etc. in this closed community.

A point of local color – look at the yellow sign with the black image on it.  This indicates “Lomo de Burro” or “Lomados” in the shortened form.  It means the ‘hump of the burro‘ but in layman’s terms – we know it as a speed bump.  Look closely and just past the sign is the speed bump.

This place must have been beautiful when it was built, but neglect and age have crept up on this facility.

After we departed the hydroelectric plant with the ‘radiation leak‘ we went into town to find a hotel as it was getting late.  Keep in mind the description of the town as compared to the one in the movie ‘Romancing the Stone‘ and you get a good idea of what we were facing.  We looked all over, which did not take long as this is a very small village, for a hotel and there were NONE in the village.  We finally found a man who said he would rent an apartment to us for the night………but he could not guarantee our safety!  He said that this apartment had been broken into several times and the people robbed.  Does not appear to have a four-star rating!

After talking with several people, including a truck driver, to ask about a town – ANY town – with a hotel, we headed back to Durazno some 60 kilometers (almost 40 miles) hoping to find a hotel.  It is getting late and we get bad news.  This is the last day of Carnival and we could not find a room.  It was looking like we were going to have to sleep in the Volkswagen.

I noticed the lady who ran the tourist information office just locking up to go home – it was 7pm.  I explained our situation and asked her if she would help us.  Okay, she opened the door and called absolutely every hotel in Durazno – no room at the inn!  It was looking more and more like we would spend the night in the VW!  She called hotels in the next town and good news; they were not celebrating Carnival there.  Bad news; there is a huge wedding there and ALMOST every room in town is taken.  There are only two rooms available in Trinidad.  RESERVE THEM we yelled.  The owner of the hotel said we had to be there within thirty minutes and Trinidad was 30 kilometers away.  No – the tourist office lady told her to hold the rooms for one hour and the owner agreed.  We thanked her profusely and dashed out the door!

This is a very nice Four-Star hotel and since we were in a jam, the owner charged us the most expensive price.  It was 3,200 Uruguayan Pesos …just over $100 Yankee Dollars from two nice rooms with an excellent breakfast.  It was very nice and a bit expensive, but it beat sleeping in the Volkswagen!

It was 10pm by the time we got into our rooms and even though I am on the 5th floor, the wedding celebration is in the plaza outside our hotel and it is damned loud.  Didn’t matter – I was so tired they could have been celebrating in my room and I would have slept through it.  This was a tough day – but I was to learn that there were tougher days ahead.

SHARKHUNTERS International
2016 “Hitler in Argentina”

Day 16     14 February

We are now in Uruguay where the plane landed and where people in the know are to be questioned.  We discovered an amazing situation in this area – everyone knows the story…..but they didn’t see anything…..but the next guy down the road knows everything.  Let’s begin at the beginning.  Our best S.E.I.G. Agent (PIZZARRO) told us long ago about the gigantic six engine JU 390-V2 that brought Adolf Hitler and others to this area in Uruguay.  PIZZARRO was all over this area some years ago and spoke with the pilot and others of the crew.

To the left is the chart drawn by PIZZARRO when we met one or two years ago, showing this area.  The long diagonal road indicates where this plane landed shortly after the German surrender.


The planes landed either on this road or at the Estancia of Herr von Metzker who was instrumental in the foundation of the German colony here known as ‘Colonia 19 de Abril‘, building the German School etc.

When the colony was founded in 1929, it flourished.  German farms, industry etc. flourished.  With the beginning of World War Two, anything and everything German was forbidden – the German language, German schools etc were not allowed.  Professor Becker of the German School was arrested as a spy and taken to prison.  Nobody remembers what happened to him.

We begin this day’s exploration and intervews…

Entrance to ‘Colonia de 19 Abril‘ looks nice.
Sadly, it goes downhill from here – badly!
This is THE road!  The JU 390-V2 landed on this road or at the estancia nearby.  There were no phone poles at the time and these trees were not here.
The photo above will give you some idea what has happened to this colony.  The once proud, well kept German farms do not look like what one would expect but decades have passed – almost a century since this colony was founded.  This was our first stop for interviews and this lady was very kind.

She invited us in and talked to us – but didn’t really say much.  She lives with the man standing next to her, her former son-in-law.  Her daughter had died and her two grandsons live there as well.

She had heard about the plane landing, but she was not yet born.  She ‘knows‘ about this plane, but tells us the lady down the road, Elena Torn, is older and would remember this incident.

She said there were no Nazis here – she was sure of that.  Here she is writing something for us.  Maybe it was an accident or maybe she wanted to give us a clue but look at her right arm in these photos.  See anything?

If there are not stylized Swastikas, what else could they be?

She made sure to let her arm be easily seen.  Was this in error?  Was she trying to give us a clue?  Or was this something else?

We had a pleasant visit.  She gave us ice water and gave us some information, but about the plane – all she knows is what she was told.  We thanked her then departed for Elena Torn’s house.

15 March just in from S.E.I.G. Agent PIZZARRO:
“On your page I have seen the right arm of the old lady with the stylized S-Cross.  Question you should ask this lady for the code.  Interesting it is the right arm..”

FYI: S-Cross refers to the Swastika or as it is known in Germany, the Hooked Cross.

We arrived at the home of Elena Torn and as we see above, it was not in any better condition than the last house we visited.  We also see the threadbare curtains in the photo above right.

She was very nice – both she and her daughter talked with us for better than an hour.  Like the others with whom we spoke, she heard the stories but she did not witness the plane itself …but the next one down the road would remember.  It almost appeared as if this was the standard reply to questions – “I heard the stories but did not see anything.  The next one down the road would remember.”  It is almost like Sergeant Schultz from Hogan’s Heroes.

Elena did remember that three of her sisters from her school who married three sailors off the GRAF SPEE.  These sailors had a truck and she let me take a photo of her photo seen here.

Okay …on to the next one down the road…

The “next one down the road” is not all that easy!  Here we see my guide and friend Martin checking over ‘the road‘ to see if it is safe for his new Volkswagen to travel.  Can we make it?  And on we go…We talked with many people and all said the same – they heard about this plane but they did not see it for themselves – but the next one down the road would remember.
We got a little more from Anna Wolf, age 88.  She invited us into her home and began to talk with us – then insisted that I turn the camera off, which I did.

She answered my questions politely but when I asked about the giant JU 390-V2 aircraft, she became very nervous, laughed a short and nervous laugh then said that she had HEARD about it, but the next one down the road could tell us more.

It seems we have heard that story before and looking back to the psychology classes I took in school, I read a lot from her nervous laugh.  In short, I had struck a nerve, but she would say nothing more about the plane.

We also spoke to a man who is now living in the former German School seen here.  He would not allow the camera, was very nervous, kept his head down and did not make eye contact.

This area is so sad.  The ‘houses‘ are not much more than concrete boxes with a couple rooms, cement floors, sheets hanging empty doorways, nothing in the windows – and everyone owns dogs…..dozens of them, and they wander through the houses like they would in a barn.  Is this what has happened to the once proud Third Reich Germans?  If so, it is one hell of a tragedy.

Tomorrow we track down the daughter of von Metzker, the owner of the estancia in question.

Day 17     15 February    The Mysterious Airplane

Sharkhunters President HARRY  COOPER 1-LIFE-1983 and his guide Martin, tracked down Herta von Metzker, daughter of Alfred von Metzker, owner of the very important estancia.

Before we meet Herta however, we spent more than an hour with Gerrard Korn and he had been friends with von Metzker.  He told us how he survived the bombing in Berlin as a child and how his family escaped to Uruguay.  He told us that the rumor persisted that the JU 390-V2 actually landed on this estancia or on the road that fronted it…..but nobody remembers.  Remember Sergeant Schultz on Hogan’s Heroes TV show?  His standard line was:
       “I hear nothing!  I see nothing!  I know nothing!”
…..but everyone here KNOWS something – they just don’t talk.

Now let’s meet Herta.  She was born in 1948 and obviously did witness anything that happened in 1945.  When Martin asked her if she would speak with me, she asked Martin what I wanted.  He told her that I was researching about all the Germans who came to South America, especially the more important men.  Martin said that she immediately went into a defensive posture but agreed to talk with me.  In the photos immediately below, which she let me copy, we see the German School being built then when it was complete in 1932.  Her father sponsored the German School and was the driving force behind it.

German School under constructionGerman School ready for use
Here we see Professor Becker with his class but remember, right after the beginning of World War Two and anything German was made illegal, Professor Becker was arrested and taken away.  We have not yet learned what happened to him.
Herta and her husband were gracious hosts, making us comfortable and furnishing ice water etc.  She answered all my questions politely and properly.  She let us look at her photos from the old days as you see above.  These are but three of the photos; we have many more.

Then I asked about the airplane and got the same nervous laugh as we got the previous day from Anna Wolf.  This is a huge indication there is something they do not wish to reveal.

She did however, tell us that in early 1945 the area police chief came to the estancia to search for an airplane after someone reported a mysterious airplane landing on his estancia.  She quickly said that there was only a small airplane in the barn which was covered by a tarp.  That certainly seems like a most convenient smokescreen.  A small airplane used mostly for crop dusting that belongs on the estancia certainly would not cause a call to the police…….but a huge aircraft with six engines landing late at night sure would.

15 March Very Important Update from S.E.I.G. Agent PIZZARRO:
“Very interesting, the information that the police chief for this remote grid in Uruguay came in 1945 to search the estancia because he received reports that an airplane had landed there.  This is a very interesting proof.  So this was in 1945.  Look to this report – the police chief came, the highest chief in this remote grid…and he looked for the airplane.  In this time, 1945, all researchers worldwide look to the two German U-Boats in Mar del Plata, Argentina (U-530 and U-977) but researcher look to Uruguay look to big airplane; only the police chief in this grid.

The pilot in 1969 (when PIZZARRO met with this pilot) smiled and told me; ‘Yes, in 1945 it was the best camouflage for the big JU‘ and the rest of the story he told, I think it was in 1965 I received information that a Uruguay diplomat or the Uruguay Government in November 1945 and in second week of February 1946 has received two Uruguay police reports that it is possible that a big German Reich airplane was landed near the estancia near on the street in the direction of Rivera in May 1945 but the police found no proof and the airplane is missing, but the report is written that many people have heard the airplane sound but not seen the plane.
In the last words the pilot told me that the signal for the radio of 311.5 kHz was very important.  The strong signal was in the night along the route to Rivera so the airplane radio received the exact signal for the exact route in this time and the airplane was on the right landing course, 300 meters above the ground with only 80 knots and landing with 75 knots.  In this remote grid were not many estancias.  And he smiled and told me; ‘In July 1945 and in August 1945 all US Agents and all British Agents and all other sad sack agents look to Argentina and the Argentine port Mar del Plata because two German Reich war U-Boats were there‘ …and he smiled, took his beer and said Prost!  To your health.  This was the best camouflage for the airplane and the best defense, and so the Uruguay Government take the two Uruguay police reports to the Uruguay Police Archive or in the Uruguay Government Military Archive in Montevideo.”

SHARKHUNTERS International 2016 “Hitler in Argentina” Expedition

This will be quite a difficult day as we must drive 700 kilometers.  Okay, so driving 700 Km (450 miles) does not seem like all that much but in heat more than 105º and on roads that sometimes appear as if the farmer is almost ready to plant soybeans on what passes as a road …this is a tough day.  Come along with us as we cross a very modern bridge from Uruguay back into Argentina.

That’s the bridge in the distanceNote all the suggestions posted on the power poles

Onward we go into “TBA”…

For the next several days we will be operating in what is known as TBA which means the Tri-Border Area.  This was a great place for anyone wanting to remain safe in those days and years after the end of World War Two.

We do not see Uruguay on this map as it is far to the south of this area.  We crossed the Uruguay River on the bridge we see in the four photos above then drove northward through Argentina (the grey area on this map) to the area near San Ignacio.

The long grey finger is the northeastern part of Argentina.  To the north and west of this part of Argentina is Paraguay seen outlined in yellow while to the north and east is Brazil.  The distance from one country to another is minimal at best, making it quite simple to just change countries and friendly governments in an hour or less if danger threatened.  In some places of refuge in Argentina (under Peroñ) we look across the river to the shores of Paraguay (under Strösner) both dictators and both countries being friendly to those of the Third Reich and to the east nearby is Brazil, also friendly and incredibly remote at this moment in history.

You will want to refer to this map for the next few days.

This is being posted on 17 March 2016 – St. Patrick’s Day and even though corned beef is a standard for this day, it is not the reason we are posting this group of photos.

Our first stop was not all that far into Argentina after crossing the Rio Uruguay was Pueblo Liebig, famous for its corned beef.  It is said that they provided tremendous quantities of this staple to the British Army in both World Wars.

We stopped at the busy Tourist Office here in Pueblo Liebig – you can see how busy they are.  The woman in charge is sitting outside in the shade with her young daughter – and it isn’t even siesta time yet but it is about 105º and there is no air conditioning in the tourist office.  We went inside and she answered all our questions – but photography inside was forbidden!  Why?  I didn’t see anything that looked particularly secret or even interesting.

As we see in our photos, the place is closed down now – but…

Yep – the place looks really out of business……but why is there a guard at the gate?
Certainly LOOKS closed down……but why were we told NO PHOTOS?
If the place is closed down; why
1.  is there a modern truck here with the engine running?
2.  do we hear machinery noises coming from buildings?
If the place is closed down, why is this sign
and the entrance area so well kept?

There might be a simple answer to these questions but I am sure it has nothing to do with the war or of escaping Third Reich people.  Martin suggested that since this facility sits on the banks of the river and the presence of guards and photography forbidden policy, there probably is something illegal going on.  What was it?  Since it had nothing to do with World War Two history and since Martin suggested it might have to do with the narcotics smuggling in the area and since neither of us wanted to be killed – we left the factory.  As previously stated – I think of myself as brave; not stupid!

We visit the memorial plaque to Baron Justus von Liebig and the children’s park named for him, then we depart this unusual and very unique place and headed for …Bavaria?  Driving down mile after boring mile of Argentine highway we suddenly see this pop up in the middle of nowhere.  HUH?

In this desolate place?  The kids……the Valkyrie?  We HAD to stop here!
No, we are not in Bavaria……I checked the map.
Looks like they have plenty of beer……and wine.  They never run out.
So how does one explain such a place along a remote section of Argentine highway, far away from anything?

We do not try to explain it at all…ust have a great lunch of ham and cheese sandwiches.

We must travel a great distance and the sun is casting long shadows so we said goodbye to this fascinating place and continued on up the highway.


Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day.  We have much ground to cover and as you will see, probably the toughest days of this expedition are ahead.

This is little village of Yapeyu and although I pronounced it ‘Yippee-Yappee‘ Martin gave me the correct pronunciation of ‘SHAP-ah-shoo‘ in Argentine Spanish.  Found a great place for the evening and we each had an entire bungalow.  Must be family oriented as each bungalow had a master bedroom with double bed, closet etc. plus four single beds in the outer room as we see here.  I did have to share my shower with a long handled squeegee…

What is so important to we historians is the fact that we are looking across the river at the shore of Paraguay.  How simple was it back in those days to zip across the river if danger threatened?  It was really simple.

No worries about the mosquitoes that carry Zika and Dengues viruses in this area.  We are told that the affected area is a couple hundred miles north …right where we are going!  We also learned that the affected mosquitoes carried both of these viruses but also Yellow Fever as well.  The Chamber of Commerce doesn’t put that on the travel brochures.

SHARKHUNTERS International 2016 “Hitler in Argentina” Expedition

We take a leisurely breakfast before we are back on the road again, headed for mosquito country.  Taking no chances, after my shower I covered myself completely with cream repellent and after dressing, soaked my clothes from head to foot with spray repellent.  No self-respecting skunk would come near me!  We are on the banks of the river and across, decades ago, was safety for people from the Third Reich.

As with any expedition, we needed cash since we are in the middle of nowhere and plastic?  Nobody here takes credit cards, charge cards, debit cards …zip!  So we walked to this bank on main street – that’s right, this is the main street of this pueblo, and to the bank. where I am going to use my new, ultra-modern high-security plastic with chip and all sorts of security to get some cash.  Guess again!

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid would have a better chance getting money out of this bank than I did with my new cards with embedded chip.  So my guide had to pay all expenses this day and I paid him back.

Since we are traveling this day, covering a lot of distance, there is no Third Reich or World War Two history to cover in this area but before we left this pueblo, we visited this very important shrine.

Even if you slept through much of your high school history as I did, you must know the name General San Martin.  He liberated much of South America from Spain and is held in very high esteem.  This is the pueblo where he was born and this is his house……not the big white building.  That is the memorial built around the remains of his house.  To be chosen as Guard of Honor here is a very high honor for the Grenadier chosen for this post.  They must be at least six-feet tall, have an excellent military record and they stand for a four-hour shift before being relieved.

Humble beginnings for a great man of history – much like Abraham Lincoln being born in a log cabin in Kentucky……but now it is time to depart.

We were covering a lot of miles today and about midday we spotted this restaurant alongside the highway.  We have learned that restaurants, like villages, are few and far between so when you are hungry and spot a restaurant – pull in and eat.

This is a nice lookingrestaurant inside and outside
You are looking at a genuine Assado;
beef cooked over an open fire pit.
The meal looks great, but we had to pause for a moment of silence out of respect for the gaucho who must be missing his favorite mule!  Very tough meat but the salad and the desert were good though as was the Pepsi.

We noticed that this area is loaded with red clay – the same red clay that was found in the skull identified as that of Martin Bormann.  We are told that this particular type of red clay is native to this area and nowhere else on earth.  His body was ‘found‘ at the construction by the Berliner Hauptbahnhof but the traces of red clay in the skull are most suspicious.  Official history tells that he was killed in a firefight while riding on a tank in the area while others claim that he bit down on the old tried and true cyanide capsule.  Either way, it is said that he died there in Berlin in May 1945.  We know this is absolutely NOT true.  Kinda’ makes one wonder, doesn’t it?

After checking in at our hotel, we went to the newspaper nearby.  This is a large newspaper, noted for their accuracy.  We will not identify the town or the newspaper by name or the name of our friend here, the Political Editor of this newspaper.  If we did so, one might wonder how quickly the Hysterical Channel TV hyenas would be on his back for stories.  We would not wish that on anyone.  We will just call him Antonio.

He gave us a lot of information about the Germans who came here after the First World War and established two communities – El Dorado and Monte Carlo.  He said that 80% of those people were in favor of Hitler when he was coming to political power and they sent money to him for his campaigns.  There was a Hitler Youth training camp there before and during the war because, under the protection of Juan Peroñ, Germans could move freely through Argentina and other South American countries.  The Swastika Flag was seen regularly in these towns and one is now in the village museum.

In a nearby town, Mengele experimented and 80% of the people are identical twins.  Headstones in those villages have the Swastika on them.

We are still in contact with Antonio and he is helping our research.

Day 20     18 February

Without question, this was the most difficult day we have put in on this expedition.  It almost ended with a trip to the hospital – if there had been a hospital anywhere nearby.  Come along with us and we will open your eyes.

We began with a nice meal upstairs in the restaurant but……this guy said we had to go downstairs.  Goodbye tip!
After a long ride down this ‘modern‘ highway…Martin is buying something from the locals
Weren’t we led to believe that these ruins were secret?  That they were hidden until that TV series ‘found‘ them?  Why then, one might ask, is this a provincial park built around these ‘hidden‘ ruins?  This park has been open since 1995!  Where is the secret here?  Truth is, there is nothing secret here for at least two decades; maybe more.

The sign below with the blow-up to the right clearly shows the way to what they call the ‘Ruins of the Borman House‘ …okay, so they forgot to give him two “N”s at the end of his name.  The fact remains that this place, these ruins, are no secret and are not freshly discovered.  We have had photos of this place on our website for four or five years.

Notice how close the house is to the river, to Paraguay.

Martin putting on even more bug spray. In this area, one cannot be too careful.The Park Rangers giving us tips on what we need to see – and telling us about the TV crew that was there.
Thank God that Park Ranger Miguel insisted that we fill more water bottles for the trip.  On the map, it didn’t look all that hard.  Maybe one mile to the ruins and the same mile back – piece of cake.  But we remember that it is in the jungle; temperatures are above 120º; humidity is 100%; this is a steep grade – and one of us just got out of the hospital three weeks ago.

Miguel also told us that we can only go here if we do not plan to sell our photos because if we do, we must have a government permit.  No problem, we told him – we are not making a movie or a TV series and we will not be selling the photos.  Okay, away we went.

Before we depart, note that we are on a high hill overlooking the river.  That is Paraguay across the river, making this a perfect spot for people who want to avoid the law.  Zip right across the river.Off we go!  Doesn’t look all that difficult.  It is clear and the path is downhill…..piece of cake but remember, we have to come back UP this way – a mile or so.
Down we go – and now into the junglePart of our trek was in this stream bed
The water was up to our ankles here…..…but we can buy new shoes.

We have reached the ruins!  We have many more photos in file but here is a sampling.

Now is a good time to debunk some of the statements made about these ruins:
1. This was not Adolf Hitler’s house as a certain TV series claimed.  Did they make this claim to sensationalize their series?  You be the judge on that.

2.  This was not Martin Bormann’s house as posted on the signs in the park.  We do not think that this was deliberate; more likely they just did not know.  Researcher HECTOR SPINELLI, Member #7940 emailed:
Ha!  Ha!  Ha!  No one on his sane juice will believe that Bormann any time lived in this rat’s cave!!!!!!!!  My Holy Heaven!  Remind Members he lived in the Plaza Hotel in Buenos Aires.
HECTOR is absolutely correct – Martin Bormann did live in the Plaza Hotel after the war.  We have confirmed this beyond any doubt.  Furthermore, we do not believe that any of the top level people of the Third Reich actually lived here.  It is just too small to be a residence of such people.  We believe that this was a sort of safe house for people waiting to move into either Paraguay just across the river or into Brazil not many miles away.  There are ruins of two houses here, neither very large.  It is likely that a small staff lived in one of the houses while keeping the other ready for people moving about.

3.  If you watched a certain TV series, you perhaps saw the “experts” of the group “finding” Nazi coins on the ground, thus “proving” their claims of……..whatever baloney they wanted to foist onto their viewers.  We were told by one of the park rangers that the TV crew BROUGHT THESE COINS TO THE SITE then scattered them around so they could be “found” on camera, thus heightening sensationalism of their series and “furnishing proof” of what they were showing on camera.  It is beyond shameful and cannot possibly be considered journalism!

It is time to begin our long ascent to the ranger station and our car.  In the upper right photo I am not looking all that good.  We must remember that three weeks before I was in the hospital and so far, not back to normal.  At any rate, we began our ascent but it got more and more difficult for me to keep going.  My body just wanted to quit but somehow in the back of my head, I could hear my old drill sergeant from boot camp decades ago;
Keep moving, Cooper!  Another twenty yards – pick up the pace!
How did Sergeant Trout pop into my head from so long ago?  Who knows.Somehow I made it to the ranger station where I just flopped.  Martin and the ranger brought me several bottles of water and I was drinking water from the bottle in my left hand and with the bottle in my right hand I was pouring water over my head and chest…..and Martin offering to take me to the hospital.  What hospital?  We were in the middle of the jungle!  So I drank about all of the two-liter bottle and with the other bottle, refilled again and again and so poured five or six gallons of water over my head and chest to head off the heat stroke….but I forgot to take everything out of my pocket and all that, seen here on my night stand, and my Nikon camera – were totally soaked but we got our photos and more important, we got a lot of very valuable information from the rangers.  Back to the hotel, a warm shower and a clean bed was all I needed.  Tomorrow is a another day.

Day 21     19 February

As we said, this will be a hard travel day but first we have breakfast.  The hotel where we stayed last night did not have a breakfast room but they had an agreement with this restaurant, “La Carpa Azul“.  Who names a restaurant ‘The Blue Carp‘?  The food and service was good and as we see in the upper right photo, they were expecting a Battalion at least.  They can serve 300 people but we were the only ones there at this moment.

We drove quite a way through Zika and Dengue country – windows closed of course, not only to keep out mosquitoes but also so we could run the air conditioning.  It is 36.5º (C) outside which is pretty close to 100º (F) so we keep it cool.  There is heavy police presence all along this road because, as Martin tells me, for many years young women were kidnapped along this road and forced into prostitution and never seen again.  At one point, we were stopped but it had nothing to do with the police thinking that we had anything to do with these crimes.  No – we HAD to buy two tickets…..for ‘Ecotourism‘!  That cost a whopping 40 Pesos……about $2.70 US.

We drive and we drive and we drive – and are again crossing a river.  This is the border between Argentina and Brazil.  Note the blue and white of the Argentine Flag that is with us halfway across the bridge then it changes to the yellow and green of the Brazilian Flag.
Finally – the border between Argentina (behind us) and Brazil (in front of us).  In a private car as we were, the crossing is simple…..just show the passport with the visa and welcome to Brazil.

We still have a ways to go – keep your seatbelt fastened.

As I said earlier, I will not identify our friends or the areas we are in because I do not want to be the cause of goofy people banging on their doors, calling them or emailing them and otherwise just being a nuisance or worse yet, swindling them as we know happened with an Argentine researcher and a TV production company.  I checked into the beautiful hotel that was recommended by Dr. F and they know him quite well there and they took fantastic care of me.  Dr. F and Dr. C picked me up and we went to an outstanding Italian restaurant…..where they also knew these two doctors quite well.  We were treated like family.  The food and the service were superb.

In my travels I have eaten unusual food prepared in unusual ways but I have never before had spaghetti cooked with a blow torch!  It was really good!  The owner took great pride in his place and it was well deserved.

So, you might wonder, why am I here meeting with these two doctors.  They befriended and provided medical care for an old lady in difficult times for some years…..then they learned who this woman and her mother were!  The world saw pictures of their dead bodies in Berlin immediately after the fall of the Third Reich, so how could they be treating this woman decades later?  We have all seen pictures of the dead Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun in Berlin yet we know absolutely that they did not die but rather lived out their lives in South America – so why isn’t it possible that the photos of these dead women were faked as well?  These two doctors have amassed an enormous amount of data that proves that the pictures we see of the dead bodies in Berlin were NOT these two women.

Who were these two women, the mother, and the daughter?  We will get into details tomorrow

Day 22     20 February

Prepare to be really shocked when you are finished with this page.  Another of the false stories of suicide in the Führerbunker is about to be swept away.  It caught me by surprise but there is no disputing the facts – these women were not dead in Berlin.  Dr. F and Dr. C have proof positive AND there is another thread to this story from a totally different direction making this history definite and indisputable.  But let’s look at the photos first.

Naturally I start out with a hearty breakfast.
The breakfast buffet in this hotel is superb!
Here is Jackson taking a photo of me taking a
photo of him while Dr. C’s daughters watch.
These researchers do not have a little of this and a little of that coupled with theories, guesses and speculations – they have hard core facts, tons of them!  They have files, papers, personal drawings, government documents, permits, photographs etc.  In short, they have a huge archive, and all proving that these two women who died in the Führerbunker…..really did not die there at all.

All these documents are the possession of Dr. F and Dr. C so why do we see superimposed on these photos?  We do this to prevent cyber pirates from stealing the photos.  These are all we can post unless the doctors tell us otherwise.

It sure has been a busy day and we accomplished a lot.  Now it is time for dinner.  We see Jackson, Dr. F and Dr. C here.  The children are Dr. C’s children.  Where is HARRY COOPER 1-LIFE-1983?  I am taking the photo.  Jackson is an English teacher, a historian and is fluent in several languages including that of a tribe in the Amazon jungle as he lived with them for ten years.

Who were those two women?  Scroll down for the full story; and be ready to be as shocked as you were when you learned that Adolf Hitler did not commit suicide.  Maybe even more.  WOW!

Do you recognize these photos?

Of course we recognize Magda Goebbels and her daughter Holdine.  But they died in the Führerbunker – history tells us that the six children were poisoned by their mother, Magda, and she then killed herself with poison.  We know this must be true because this is what accepted history tells us we must believe…..and there are photographs of the dead bodies.

We have all seen photos of a dead Adolf Hitler and there is absolutely no doubt that he did not kill himself but lived out his life in safety and comfort in Argentina.  That part of history, along with its photographs allegedly proving Hitler killed himself, is all misdirection and we have proven absolutely and without the shadow of a doubt that he lived years after the end of the war.

So the story of Hitler’s suicide is an absolutely false misdirection with falsified photos to prove the suicide story.  So when we know that the story of Hitler’s suicide is false, is it so difficult to realize that the alleged deaths of other high ranking Third Reich figures could be falsified?  But we have all seen the photos of Magda and the children – all dead, right?  Remember, we also saw photos of a dead Adolf Hitler.

Doctor F and Doctor C have so much hard evidence that Magda and Holdine lived long after the end of the war in South America that the story of their survival can be accepted on its face.  They have checked, cross-checked and checked again and it all comes up believable.  They knew Holdine in her advanced years and as doctors, they treated her medically.

An incredible twist of fate gives proof positive to this discovery.  A personal friend of mine, who we will call ML for reasons we need not go into at this time, told me part of his story.  This was about two years ago (in 2014) and he had never met or even heard of Dr. F and Dr. C.  ML was born early in the war years in Berlin.  His father was in the military and his mother was close friends with Magda Goebbels and also Eva Braun, although those two women were not the best of friends.  In fact when Blondi, Hitler’s dog, had pups Eva gave one to ML’s mother.  ML knew the Goebbels children and even played with them.  He and the one son were close in age and they were pals as little kids.

With the end of the war and the onrushing Soviet hordes pouring into Berlin, ML’s father disappeared so ML and his mother fled to their coffee plantation in Bolivia.  His mother reconnected with Magda in South America and the two continued their friendship.  When ML was in his late teens or early twenties, Magda and his mother tried to get him and Holdine romantically involved with an eye to their marriage in the future.  ML told me that Holdine had become quite masculine and was not at all interested, so the affair never even got started.

Dr. F and Dr. C knew this woman in her later years.  They treated her medically and with all the documentation they acquired, they are absolutely certain that she was Holdine and her mother Magda had been there as well.

From a totally different direction we have ML who confirmed that his mother continued her friendship with Magda and that the two mothers attempted to have him and Holdine romantically involved.

So there is proof coming from two totally different and unrelated sources.  Dr. F and Dr. C did not know anything about ML and he knew absolutely nothing about the doctors – but they both told the same story.  This cannot be coincidence; it has to be correct.

Your comments on this or anything with Sharkhunters are welcome. will get your message to us and we will encourage any and all to comment.

SHARKHUNTERS International 2016 “Hitler in Argentina” Expedition

Come with us to meet Jürgen, a 95-year-old veteran of the heavy artillery who fought in the Battle of Stalingrad.  We drove far into the country to his home and all along the highway there were large signs warning against the danger of mosquitoes in the area that carried the Dengues and Zika viruses.  Apparently this is an epidemic that very quickly got out of control.  We kept the windows closed and the air conditioning going as we flew along the highway (?????) to the town where Jürgen lived.

I am listening intently to Jürgen’s memories of the war.  It is a strange situation to be visiting with a German veteran of Stalingrad while in his home in South America.  His German was Plattdeutsch while the little German I know is Hochdeutsch; the two are not really the same.  Add to that his German is rusty and mine was never that great, and we were having a tough time communicating.  Despite my asking him, in German, to slow down and speak slowly so I could understand, he got more and more excited, speaking faster and faster while interspersing his conversation with Portuguese and I just could not keep up.  Jackson tried to help translate and Dr. F was all but convulsed with laughter as we progressed so we finally decided that Jürgen would talk in Portuguese and Dr. F would translate.  That worked and Jürgen told us that he had some photos of Adolf Hitler as well as a copy of “Mein Kampf” and that one of the photos was hand signed by Hitler – and that he had met Hitler and shook hands with him in Hamburg.  He left the room to get these items to show them to us but after a short while, he returned and said that he could not find them.

We continued our talk for some time and learned that Jürgen was an engineer after the war and even now, at age 95, he still creates interesting things.  He took us into his office to show some of his inventions.

On the left is a model engine for a car but it is only about one foot long.  Everything works but of course, not with gasoline.  As it is in operation, the rocker arm assembly on top of the cylinder heads work, opening and closing the valves in the proper firing order, the crankshaft turns, the pistons go up and down in the cylinders – it is quite the model.  On the right is a device for electrical acupuncture…..I never quite understood how it worked.

As we toured his office – there was the ‘missing‘ copy of “Mein Kampf” and the photos in question.  Jürgen realized that we had seen these items and became somewhat nervous.  I took photos and we moved on, so he was comfortable when nobody made a big fuss over these items.

We say our goodbyes to a fine old gentleman, a veteran of this terrible conflict, and we thank him for his time and his information.

Now we drive a distance to a building that has bunkers, tunnels, hidden staircases and much more……in Brazil!  Why?

Are you ready for a real mystery?  Here is a good one for you.  We said we will not identify the town or various people who help us because we do not want them bothered by souvenir hunters or nitwits from TV shows.  So here we are in someplace.  Let’s take a look.

This is a pretty normal looking house……..until we get a look at the patio glass.
Apparently, someone likes their beer!Interesting bathtub – white and blue…
A beautiful hardwood floor……until we look more closely at – a trap door!
Down we go into…???White and Blue again…hmmmmm
Another tunnel – and more White and Blue…yet another entrance
…and another…and another

We still did not see all the tunnel entrances and bunker complexes here – it is just amazing!  And for those not in the know, White and Blue are the official colors of Bavaria.  Okay, we have seen plenty of stuff deep underground, let’s come back upstairs and experience even more marvelous and amazing sights.

Hanging out at the bar …notice the black, white and red motifNice atrium and pool – but between each of the columns is another picture, like…
The ancient Runic symbol meaning: “He has risen!” (also the symbol of life)
Read into that whatever you like

You will notice that we have not gone into great detail or conducted intense in-depth interviews with anyone and that is by design.  It was never my intention to do this on this particular expedition.  My intent was to meet all these great people face to face and get to know each other and to trust each other.  This we did accomplish.  We are already planning our return with camcorders etc. to conduct in-depth interviews and to tear open real history and dispel the fiction we are taught in schools even today that is supposed to pass as honest history …about as honest as a Chicago politician.

You Can Be Part of our SHARKHUNTERS Expeditions!

As you know, Sharkhunters is at the forefront of discovering hidden secrets of World War Two.  We are the official and unquestioned leader in the world for the history of the U-Bootwaffe and are the only group that has been fortunate to have so many of the WW II veterans from all sides in Membership.

In the past several years Sharkhunters has also become the world leader in digging up hidden facts of World War Two, not the least of which was the discovery that Adolf Hitler did not commit suicide in the Führerbunker but rather lived out his life in comfort and security in South America.  Sharkhunters has also proven that thousands of others of the Third Reich, not only Germans, lived safely there as well.

These expeditions are costly and as you know, nobody at Sharkhunters receives a salary of any kind.  With the advent of our 2016 South American Expedition, we allowed Members to be part of our expeditions as well with their donations, which are tax deductible.  That’s right – TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations.  In addition to Sharkhunters International we also have our Sharkhunters International Submarine Research Institute (SISRI for short) which is a legally constituted 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization and donations to SISRI are tax deductible in the US.  Tax laws in other countries differ.


Now it gets interesting!

15 March 2016 – BREAKING NEWS!  This just received from S.E.I.G. Agent PIZZARRO:
“Dear Friend Harry,
Beautiful!  I have seen all photos on your homepage, photos of the street near the ranch 19 April in Uruguay.  Yes, this is the right street.  Very interesting all old ladies have heard stories about the airplane but never seen.  You are the first researcher and scientist for right history in this grid.  Harry – very important, the pilot has told me that after the war in time 1945 to 1968 never an American researcher or FBI or CIA or US Army CIC was in this grid near the ranch 19 April or in this street so it is possible you are the first American scientist in this Uruguay grid and same in 1969 (when PIZZARRO was there) one of the old ladies said – I have heard this was a big airplane hours before the war was over.  I have heard only the engines in the night and the airplane sound came from south-east.  So it is possible the airplane came in a long bend (circle) from the South Atlantic on course to the street to Rivera.  The lady told that the airplane sound was very deep and she thinks the airplane in the night was in low altitude flight.  So she jumped from her bed to the window and looked to the heavens but it was dark and the airplane had no lights and she told me – I think the airplane was black.  I have heard only a deep engine sound with course to north-east, from the South Atlantic, and course was to north-east like the direction the street to Rivera.

Best, your friend PIZZARRO“In the past couple days we have received much more information from PIZZARRO that totally and absolutely confirms this story of the JU 390-V2 landing in Uruguay.  This information is in KTB #278, the next issue of our magazine that goes to Members…..but only to Members.  This is priceless history and this is why Members join Sharkhunters.  Soon it will be in our next book on Hitler’s escape.  Watch for it.

As you see, most of the people we interviewed became nervous when I asked about the huge airplane that landed in the night and two women gave an involuntary nervous laugh when I asked about the plane.  I took that to mean that they did not want to talk about the plane but having only the basic required psychology courses, I asked a highly competent Psychiatrist, Dr. CHARLES ELLIS MD, Member #7324-C/LIFE and his reply was “That would be my conclusion.”

In an email received 16 March 2016 from S.E.I.G. Agent PIZZARRO we are told:
All old ladies you have seen were nervous but I think all were not nervous about an old big airplane but I think so all have more information and all were nervous because high ranking passengers were in the last airplane from the fallen Reich.”  There is more about this from PIZZARRO in KTB #278.