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2017 “South American Expedition”

For those who have never been to Buenos Aires before, this will give you a little background.  It has been called the “Paris of the South” and with good reason.

So come along for this introductory part of the expedition.



Breakfast room in the Hotel Centro Naval, a very nice hotel run by the Argentine Navy.
Scenery on the drive from the airport.Today the University of Engineering but during the Peroñ era, this was one of Evita’s welfare offices to give money away which all but bankrupted the country.
Above and below…....more of the beauty of Buenos Aires
Above and below……even more of the beauty of Buenos Aires
Not an easy job – the things I do for Sharkhunters…
Our friend HECTOR SPINELLI, Member #7940 with his friend Dante and Dante’s mother Rose Teresa – a delightful lady with much history.The original toolset in the trunk of Dante’s immaculate older BWM which is equally immaculate.  Dante is justifiably proud of this powder blue beauty.
Here in the beautiful Plaza San Martinis a tree older than our nation
Having a great lunch with my good friend Dr. EDUARDO GERDING, Member #6895, a retired Argentina

Navy officer and at the end of this month (March 2017) also a retired doctor.

After a lot of stonewalling by Argentine Admirals more than a decade ago about German U-Boats in

Argentine waters, it was EDUARDO who contacted us and told us to keep digging.

We kept digging and you see the results – we found a great deal of proof of U-Boat activity in Argentine

waters during and well after the end of the war and we proved the Adolf Hitler and thousands of others of the Third Reich escaped to this beautiful country.


Next we have a look at the Plaza Hotel – once the finest hotel in all South America and today, still one of the most magnificent.  When I was there in 2015 I found the manager and explained who I was and what I was researching.  Senora Rodriguez was pleasant and helpful.  I told her that my research indicated that Martin Bormann lived in this hotel for a few years after the war – with two young women.  Without batting an eye, she said:
“Yes.  In room 740, the Presidential Suite.  He lived here for some years but I don’t know anything about the young women.”

They all knew about Bormann living there after the war!  I asked why this information was not in the brochure about the hotel and she said that this was not the kind of publicity they wanted.  Following are some photos of this magnificent hotel.

Above left and right – this is only the carportwhere you drive in for the lobby door
No, I do not stay here.But I sure wish I could afford it!
There is much more to see here.
The very exclusive Navy Club
just across the street from my hotel
Not everyone has reservations…………
19BS1Sadly, the homeless problem in Buenos Aires appears to be growing.  They do not bother anyone aside from begging.

One thing that Argentina has in huge quantities are 1960’s era Ford Falcons –

they are everywhere and in all conditions.  I chose this one to shoot because it is green.  So what, right?

Four or five decades ago in the dark days of dictatorship here in Argentina,

the most feared thing to see in front of your house was the “Falcon Verde” –

the green Falcon.  The Secret Police used green Falcons and we are told that many who were

put into a “Falcon Verde” by the Secret Police were never seen again; thousands of people.  Back then, keeping one’s mouth shut about politics was a really good idea!

The next day I had an interview with a production studio that was filming a series about the German U-Boats in Argentina waters.  It was very interesting and when it airs, we will let you know.

The guy in the photo above left must mean something to somebody but what?  And to whom?  Reminds me of a boss I had many years ago.  Leila is not only beautiful, she is a producer at the studio that did our interview for NatGeo.

She is also the one who drove me to the studio, about 45 minutes of really wild driving through Buenos Aires.  In all my years driving the superspeedways like this photo right where I am in my #17 passing the #19 at about 190mph – nothing compares to 45 minutes in rush hour traffic in Buenos Aires!  Keep in mind that the speed limit signs, stop signs, traffic lights are merely suggestions and the lines down the street are just modern art!  Leila got us there alive and without bending any tin on anyone’s car.

A pleasant lunch with my friend MARIO, Member #7964
He is former head of the Argentine Atomic Energy Agency.
Nothing on fire here; out my hotel window…
Just a beautiful Buenos Aires morning

Now I visit a historic restaurant, not far from my hotel.  This was a favorite meeting spot for Mengele, Eichmann and many others of the escaped men of the 3rd Reich.  The history, the intrigue fairly jumps off the walls at you.  Enjoy a meal there and let your mind wander back seven decades.

Who walked through these doorsseventy years ago?
Who sat at this very bar?Who gazed upon this German painting?

The walls are adorned with the coats of arms of many German cities and sections.  Take a look at what they saw some seven decades ago and what we see whenever we are in Buenos Aires.


24BS12  Look on the walls – they all there.  Who else looked on these pictures?

24BS27    SACRIFICES!  Hard, painful sacrifices.

As you see by this photo and the two below, it is not easy in the role of President of this great organization.  This falls under ‘Employee Relations‘ or something like that, wouldn’t you say?

Actually, this is the fun part but I am always visiting people, interviewing those with information and digging out real history that we put in our KTB Magazine and into our books…..that others who call themselves researchers, merely copy our work.  This is the fun part and it offsets the day upon day of 12 hours of work.

A super THANK YOU to JACK GOODIER, Member #127-A/LIFE and to the “Duck Hunter” for the funding for these expeditions.  No Sharkhunters money is used for these expeditions – it all comes from great Members like JACK and the Member who doesn’t want his name used.

Below are two more photos of me “hard at work” and that is the end for this expedition, but I am returning no later than summer 2017.  You will read all about our findings when I return.