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Chicago 1991


At the Welcome Dinner at the prestigious Adventurer’s Club; to the Museum of Science and Industry for a special tour of U-505; to the fun dinner at the headquarters of the German-American Police Association where the four German U-boat Skippers with us plus a US Navy gunnery officer were made honorary Chicago policemen; to USS SILVERSIDES for a thorough tour inside and outside of this marauder of the Pacific.

They started the diesels for us!

Honorary Chicago Police Officers

Hans-Georg Hess (U-995) Hermann Hoffmann (U-172) Oesten (U-61, U-106, U-861)
Three of the four Skippers with us in Chicago. Eberhard von Ketelhodt (U-712) was the other.

Hess, Oesten, von Ketelhodt, Hoffmann and Interview with Captain Hess on USS SILVERSIDES
McCormick – Honorary Chicago Cops

Members enjoying themselves (below) include:

Christian Reauleux, Hans-Georg Hess and Paul GatzkeGerman spy Erich Gimpel and author Melanie Wiggins

At one of our special dinners, this at a 1920’s style Chicago “Speak easy”.

You’ll be part of the outdoor luncheon of beer and bratwurst with the guys from SILVERSIDES and you’ll see the interview with Hans-Georg Hess (Knights Crossfor a local news broadcast. We go to NTC Great Lakes where we were guests of the Admiral Commanding at a graduation of US Navy sailors.

Captain Eberhardt von Ketelhodt Lt. McCormick and Captain Oesten in the control room of U-505 “What’s a torpedo between friends?”

We enjoyed our Farewell Dinner with some 125 SHARKHUNTERS Members and their guests – and the tour ends with the Chicago television interview with Captain Jürgen Oesten and LCDR Hal McCormick. The ship on which McCormick was Gunnery Officer was sunk by Oesten in the South Atlantic. This gave rise to McCormick’s statement:
“What’s a torpedo between friends?”