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Hand Signed Photos

     Some years ago, we asked our veterans in Membership if they would help us grow to tell their honest history.  We asked them to send a photo of themselves in uniform then we would have 100 photos made from the original – only 100.  We would send their original and the 100 back to them; they would keep their original and they would HAND SIGN the 100 and return them to us for this special offer.  These great veterans did this to keep Sharkhunters growing and tell the honest history.  Remember that these photos are all HAND SIGNED by these veterans and are 3×5.  You’ll never find a collection like this anywhere else.

     These veterans were all Members of Sharkhunters.  All have received their “Final Orders” and are on “Eternal Patrol”.
     Shortly after we sent the 100 photos to Flottillenadmiral Rolf Thomsen, we received a phone call from a mutual friend telling us that Thomsen was dying of cancer and that he probably would not be able to sign the photos.  A month later we received all 100 photos, all hand-signed by Thomsen and a nice note from him as well.  Within a month, he died of cancer.
      Our dear friend Fregattenkapitän Gerd Thäter hand-signed these 100 photos and returned them to us quickly – within a few months he began his “Eternal Patrol”.
     Captain Edward L. “Ned” Beach hand signed the 100 photos we had sent to him and within two months, cancer claimed him as well.