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North Germany Bunkers 2008

SHARKHUNTERS International 2008 Bunker Patrol North Germany and Poland

Welcome to our first – and ONLY Bunker “Patrol” of its kind.  Come with us as we visit places of history, from the Third Reich and from kings and emperors of centuries past, from Berlin to Warsaw.  Many of these places are ‘off the beaten path’ so to speak, and some have only been discovered in the past decade.  Follow along, and walk with Sharkhunters in history!

MARY MYERS (7025-2005) has been on “Patrol” with us before, and here is what she wrote about this one:
“This patrol was like no other!  Bunkers and more bunkers…..what life must have been like during wartime.  Just horrible.  Sharkhunters saying of ‘Yesterday’s Enemies are Today’s Friends’ rings true in every word!  What a fantastic group to belong to!  So full of truth!”

Some finished the 2008 Southern “Patrol” and rode the very nice ICE Train (Inter City Express) from München to Berlin.

This was the second Sharkhunters “Patrol” for CRAIG NANCE (6837-2004), and he wrote this:
“I had a fantastic time!  My most vivid memory of this “Patrol” was the Wolf’s Lair, Gdansk and the Ostfront bunker system.  This was my second Sharkhunters trip and I enjoyed both for their ‘uniqueness’.  You see so much more of these trips than on more traditional tours.”