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“Convoy In Sight”


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This beautiful b&w print is signed by 18 veterans of the War at Sea – fifteen Skippers, eight Knights Cross holders; one with the Oak Leaf and Swords!

Only 500 prints of this beautiful print have been made, and each print is hand-signed by these 18 well-known and highly decorated  veterans of World War II.  They are:

1.      Erich Topp – Skipper of U-57, U-552 and U-2513; Knights Cross with Oak Leaf and Swords
2.      Hans-Georg Hess – Skipper of U-995 and Youngest submarine Skipper of WW II; Knights Cross
3.      Helmut Witte – Skipper of U-159; Knights Cross
4.      Horst von Schroeder – Skipper of U-123; Knights Cross
5.   Herbert Werner – Skipper of U-953; author of ‘Iron Coffins’
6.      Günther Heinrich – Skipper of U-960, the last U-boat through Gibraltar
7.      Jürgen Oesten – Skipper of U-61, U-106 and U-861; Knights Cross
8.      Siegfried Koitschka – Skipper of U-616; Knights Cross
9.      Gerd Thäter – Went through Gibraltar TWICE!  Deutsches Kreuz in Gold
10.    Kurt Diggins – Skipper of U-458
11.    Hermann Hoffmann – Skipper of U-172
12.  Paul Brasack – Skipper of U-737; Knights Cross
13.  Alfred Eick – Skipper of U-510; Knights Cross
14.  Helmut Schmoeckel – Skipper of U-802
15.  Matthias Brünig – Skipper of U-106
16.    Volkmar König – Midshipman on U-99 under Kretschmer
17.    Gerhard Richter – Funkmaat on U-81 when they sank HMS ARK ROYAL
18.  Peter Hansen – Very well connected Abwehr Agent, U-Boat officer
NOTE:   denotes that this veteran has departed on his “Eternal Patrol”.

In this group of veterans are fifteen U-Boat Commanders; eight with the Knights Cross and one of those with the Oak Leaf and Swords to this Knights Cross and there are other men who contributed to this history.

They include the Third Most Successful Skipper (Topp); the youngest combat submarine Skipper of WW II and possibly of all time (Hess); one Skipper who went through Gibraltar twice (Thäter) and another who was the last to go through in WW II (Heinrich) and many other important veterans of the war.  They all hand-signed these beautiful prints.

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