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Hitler and the Secret Alliance


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Edited by Harry Cooper

“We shall never forget, nor be able to repay, the immense debt of gratitude we owe to our comrades of the Germany Army.” –Colonel Juan Domingo Perón – April 4, 1952

What prompted Perón to make that statement?

The European conflict of World War Two ended in early May 1945, but not all Germans remained to suffer their fate at the hands of the victorious Allies – rape, murder, robbery, slavery and the loss of everything.  There were thousands of high ranking Party Members,  SS officers, spies, agents, scientists, engineers and all manner of the elite of the Reich who escaped the crumbled Europe in favor of a fresh start in South America, primarily Argentina.

In this book researcher Michael Ivinheim reveals what his exhaustive research has discovered about the ‘Black Boats’ that figured prominently into the history…..not of the END of the Third Reich but rather the RELOCATION of the Third Reich.

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