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South Africa 1990

Operation “SUB-AFRIKA

Our SHARKHUNTERS History Tour took us to this beautiful country where we actually rode a DAPHNE Class submarine, flew an ASW patrol on a low-level C-47 DAKOTA, flew in a Super Frelon chopper, lunched with the Commanding Admiral of the South African Navy and his Staff, met with General Groenwald for an intelligence update on the troubles in the country. We were at the Officer’s Academy, Naval Boot Camp and several old British-type gentlemen’s club complete with bagpiper. We ended our tour with a bush flight into Krüger National Park where we stayed four days and went on photo safari several times each day. The scenery is breathtaking.

Our South Africa Group – from the left;
MIKE KIRKPATRICK (1267-1989), collector of timepieces,
KARL SIPPEL (841-1988), Wehrmacht veteran,
Willie – KARL’s wife,
HERMANN HOFFMANN (1365-1990) Skipper of U-172,
HARRY COOPER (1-LIFE-1983) Sharkhunters founder,
JIMMY KLINE (300-A/LIFE-1987) traveler,
BILL SHERMAN (1445-1990), US Navy destroyer combat veteran,
Mick Doyle, our friend and on the ground assistance…former mercenary in the Rhodesian Cavalry!