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Gerhard Richter, radioman U-81

 Gerhard Richter was a Member of Sharkhunters until his passing. He was radioman aboard U-81 under Fritz Guggenberger when they sank the Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS ARK ROYAL in the Mediterranean. He later was “skipper” of this own one-man U-Boat. Listen as he tells of his time in combat.

Rover Boys Express

The B-29 named The Rover Boys Express was shot down over Japan and the crew was taken prisoner by the Japanese. Sharkhunters Member “Hap Halloran” tells about the beatings and the incredible abuse of prisoners by the Japanese.

This is a short clip from our full-length film of the same name that you may watch. Go to then click on “Multimedia” and select any clip there to open your invitation to our “Sharkhunters GOLD Tier.”