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Images from the Front volume 2




The Norway Action – April 1940

Photographic Images of History…..a time of struggle, of honor and of the loss of an entire generation of young men, the end of a nation and the destruction of an entire continent.

Naturally, this time was not all struggle, fighting and combat but in this volume, we see the photographic record of this pivotal action from the Heer (the German Army), the Kriegsmarine (the German Navy) and the Luftwaffe (the German Air Force). These photographs are a composite of the photo albums of German soldiers in each of these branches.

As with young men in their country’s military, especially in dangerous times of combat, struggle & death – they relaxed in many ways, many took photos.

The photos were not only of their brothers in arms and the images of their life on the Front but also the photos they carried of loved ones at home.

Join us in this photographic trip back in time that was difficult for the entire world; a time when life was today because tomorrow was never guaranteed.


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