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Art Prints

Hand-Signed, Limited-Edition, Fine Art Prints


SHARKHUNTERS International is pleased and proud to offer the world’s most outstanding selection of Fine Art Prints of World War II submarine veterans. These are the men who actually lived this history; they are the ones who MADE this history!

World Renowned Artists – The originals for our Fine Art Prints have been done by many of the world’s foremost military artists including Michael Wooten, Raymond Waddey, Rainer Hanxleden, Don Wise, Joachim Sachse and others.

Guaranteed! – As with everything that comes from SHARKHUNTERS, we guarantee that you will love your Fine Art Prints – or you may return it for a full purchase price refund, no hassles.

Hand-Signed – All our prints are hand-signed by the veterans indicated.  All signatures have been put on the print by that person’s hand, so your print has been hand-signed by men of history.

Limited-Edition – Each print run is limited to the number indicated in the description, then the master is destroyed and no more prints can or will be made of that image.

RARE!  Very Rare – Because your print is a Limited-Edition by some of the world’s really great military artists & because many of these veterans refuse to sign prints for any group other than SHARKHUNTERS, these prints are indeed, very rare.


Security – All prints are numbered, and ownership is registered with SHARKHUNTERS.

VERY SPECIAL NOTE – 10% of all money derived from the sale of these prints is donated to the German U-Boat Memorial. To date, SHARKHUNTERS has donated MORE THAN $6,700 to this beautiful place as well as more than $2,500 to the German U-Boat Archives. Your print purchase helps keep these important places alive.

Remember, your purchase helps the U-Boat Memorial and the U-Boat Archives – your print is rare and unique.