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USS TIRANTE (SS 420) – Street & Beach


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One dark night, USS TIRANTE was cruising off a Japanese held harbor and noticed unusually strong defensive patrols outside the harbor.  Captain GEORGE STREET and XO EDWARD L. BEACH decided there must be something in that harbor that they needed to see, so they entered Quelpart Harbor (Korea) to see what was hiding in there.

They found what was hiding, a tanker loaded with AvGas so they fired torpedoes at her.  In the tremendous glare and the sheet of white flame that roared up from the tanker in a giant “V” they spotted a pair of Japanese escorts – so they sank them too.

This brave action earned the Medal of Honor for Captain STREET (now deceased) and the Navy Cross for BEACH (now deceased).  If his name seems familiar, he was an accomplished author and probably his best known work is “Run Silent, Run Deep!” which was made into an excellent movie.

This historic moment has been memorialized by famous war scene artist RAY WADDY.

1,000 of these prints have been made and all hand-signed by STREET and BEACH.

Size is 18 x 24 inches.

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