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U-Boat! (Volume 6)



by Harry Cooper

In this edition of U-Boat! you will find many stories not otherwise read about.

Chapter 1 – We live the battle history of U-161 through the history of Heinrich Kalssens.
Chapter 2 – We ride aboard HMS WILD GOOSE, one of the most successful ASW ships.
Chapter 3 – End of the war for U-Boats at Loch Eribol.
Chapter 4 – The State Yacht of the Third Reich AVISO GRILLE.
Chapter 5 – The U-Boats that Surrendered.
Chapter 6 – The German Navy and the Royal Navy.
Chapter 7 – The Confederate States Navy.
Chapter 8 – Interview with Gerd Thaeter who went through Gibraltar twice.
Chapter 9 – Six Day in a German U-Boat remembered by a USN sailor.
Chapter 10 – Polish submarines in World War Two.
Chapter 11 – Sinking of SS GULF AMERICA, Victim of Reinhard Hardegen.
Chapter 12 – The Greatest Patrol of USS BARB.
Chapter 13 – The story of U-73.
Chapter 14 – Japanese-German Cooperation.

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