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U-Boat War in Photos


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by Harry Cooper

“The U-Boat War in Photos” (volume I) The size of this book and the ensuing volumes in this series are 8½ x 11 inches and jammed with facts and photos, many available nowhere else – only from Sharkhunters.

For each Skipper of each and every U-Boat covered in this issue, you will read his date and place of birth, which Academy Class, his service history in the Kriegsmarine, what boats did he train on and which U-Boats did he command.

Photos – we pack in as many photos as we can of the Skippers, the U-Boats and ships they attacked and we include as many personal notes as we can including comments, views, and opinions of Sharkhunters President HARRY COOPER, Member #1-LIFE upon meeting so many of these great warriors.

Keep in mind that in each chapter about each U-Boat, there are insights, newspaper clippings, photos of the boats, Skippers, crew and the ships they attacked as available.

This is a large, thick and very heavy book containing 37 chapters and filled with details available nowhere else and yes that’s our friend OTTO von BÜLOW Member #305 enjoying a cigar with his Obersteuermann at the end of a patrol.

We also list those who did not return from their patrols. In addition, we remember men who were killed during an air attack on their boat; bombing attacks on their base or at home on leave. Sharkhunters has the most complete list of these brave young men lost in action during World War Two thanks to tremendous help from our friends of the UBootskameradschaft-Kiel who allowed us to take this sacred handwritten book back to Sharkhunters HQ to list all the names onto our computer – there was no back-up to that book and we are extremely honored that these great veterans trusted us with this priceless book. PETER HANSEN, Member #251-LIFE gave us the list of U-Bootfahrer who were killed in the war other than when their boat was lost.

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