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SHARKHUNTERS International
2016 “Hitler in Argentina”

Sharkhunters President HARRY COOPER 1-LIFE-1983 spent the month of February 2016 on expedition in Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil and what he learned amazed even him.  We met with some fascinating people, saw historic secrets and learned a lot about the end of World War Two – and who came to South America.

Here is his report.  Join us in our photos as we walk in the footsteps of history.

We were able to accomplish ALMOST all we planned.  What we missed included just two things:
*  We were to meet with the daughter of Evita but she backed out at the last moment;
*  We were not able to go into Paraguay as no one would rent a car to us!  It appears that cars are stolen frequently and worse yet, the area is loaded with narco-smugglers and/or guerillas who kidnapped travelers for ransom.

No worries – we accomplished a lot!

13HalfCover     Days 1 and 2 combined

(30 and 31 January)

These were travel days with not much going on, so we combined them here.  There is however, an important reason we use the cover of our Best Selling book in this spot.

When we got to the Atlanta Airport on 30 January, I was rolled in the courtesy wheelchair to the Delta Sky Lounge to relax.  During my conversation with the waitress, I mentioned my Best Selling book “Hitler in Argentina” and gave her my card with the photo of the book on it.  She left to continue her work but in five minutes she was back and had a young waiter with her.  He shook my hand and acted as if he were meeting the Pope!  He is in his Masters Program in history and last year he did a book report on this very book!  His grade on the project was 98.5 which is very good.  He said that he would have received a grade of 100 but he was 50 words short of the required number of words.  Too bad……or maybe he should have planned better?

The flight to Buenos Aires was long and boring – but I rather have boring than some flights I have endured.

We landed in the early morning and Delta had a wheelchair waiting for me with a beautiful young lady attendant.  For some reason, maybe only God can understand – but we had to clear security, complete with full body X-Ray, now to go OUT of the airport.  Who ever heard of that?  Maybe they thought I had a middle eastern family of six hidden in my one suitcase?  She got me to the car to take me to the hotel and as previously stated, speed limits are merely suggestions.  He was going a solid 125 kph where the posted speed limit was 80 kph.  The lines on the pavement, if anything, give the drivers a reference point and they have the line going down the middle of their car!  It is almost like an “E” ticket ride at Disneyland!

Once into my room at the Hotel Centro Naval (the Central Navy Hotel) I noticed that they had done some remodeling and now the windows have been replaced with the German style windows we see in Europe.  I was not all that happy that my window opened wide when my room was on the 8th floor.  That would be the possibility of an easy “accident” or “suicide” so I kept the window closed and locked.  It has been less than a week since I got out of the hospital from my fall off the roof so the peace and quiet with nothing to do was welcome.

Since this is the beginning of the expedition and I am doing nothing but getting acclimated, there were not too many photos taken.  Later in the expedition, there are tons of photos…..and new information.  Watch for it.


In the beautiful breakfast room of the Hotel Centro Naval I told Rosa, the girl in charge there, why I was in Argentina.  Without batting an eye, she said:

“Of course.  We all know that Hitler lived out his life in Argentina; the same as Bormann, Mengele and thousands of others.”

She is only 35 years of age – how could she know this?  Maybe most people there do.

     Days 3 and 4 combined

(1 and 2 February)
These first few days in Buenos Aires were used primarily to call our contacts, arrange meetings and do some resting after just getting out of the hospital.  On the 2nd, HECTOR SPINELLI, Member #7940 and I enjoyed lunch in a nice Buenos Aires restaurant.  HECTOR (photo below) has translated our books “Hitler in Argentina” and also “Hitler and the Secret Alliance” into Spanish and also into Portuguese.  He and I are working on various projects down there that we cannot talk about just yet.
Do not click on these photos as they are not linked to anything.

Days 5 (3 February)

This day I visited with Dr. EDUARDO GERDING, Member #6895.  He is retired from the Argentine Navy and has been a Member more than 12 years.  He has been a huge help in this research.  He and his wife hosted me in their home again.  Always nice to visit them.

Days 6     (4 February)
Dr. MARIO MARISCOTTI, Member #7964 and his wife had me to their home for dinner and their friends were there as well.  It was a very pleasant evening and I learned a lot.  Dr. MARISCOTTI is the former Chief of the Argentine Atomic Energy Commission and he has written a book entitled “The Secret of Heumul Island” covering the nuclear research facility on Heumul Island in Lake Nahuel Huapi by San Carlos di Bariloche.  It is a very interesting book; I proof-read the English version and found it educational.

deMello1    Day 7, 8 & 9     5-7 February

It was time to get down to work and do some researching so I spent some time with LAURENCE deMELLO whom we consider the world’s top researcher on Martin Bormann.  What a fine lady!  She rode for hours on a train with no air conditioning in the 100º heat to meet me in Buenos Aires so we could take the train together back to her ranch.  If left on my own. I would still be on an Argentinean train going……..God knows where?

She knew I had just gotten out of the hospital and couldn’t do enough for me.  I was given the guest house overlooking the pool and she showed me around the estancia and told me that anything I wanted or needed, I should just get it myself; that I was free to go anywhere and eat anything I wanted, that this was no “Nanny House” then she quickly made sure I had anything I needed because I was still in pain from the fall.

We accomplished a lot with many more photos, which we will cover in our KTB Magazine later.  She is not only a superb researcher, she is also a fine lady and a class act.

Here we see the world’s top expert on Bormann with the world’s top expert on the U-Bootwaffe and on the escape of Adolf Hitler together in research.

This research is not easy.  Her daughter Georgia learns.LAURENCE has this in her research collection.

Maria, the cook, spoiled the heck out of me.  Anything I wanted to eat – she made it.  As you see by the spread before me, she is a really fine cook.  You might ask why I look like ‘Ahab the Arab‘ in these photos.  Before I came to her ranch, I mentioned to LAURENCE that I had to do some laundry before I could come to her ranch.  Nonsense!  She said to bring all my dirty clothes – so at her insistence, I bundled all my dirty clothes and went to her ranch.  So while all my clothes were in the wash, I wore this khaftan or dashiki or whatever one calls it and just as well.  It was quite cool and the breezes were welcome in the middle of the day when temperatures went up.
LAURENCE was a great host – she couldn’t do enough for me.  She spent a lot of time on the computer trying to make reservations for me and my guide Martin to take the ferry boat across the Rio de la Plata to Uruguay.  On my last day there, she accompanied me to the train station to make sure I got the right train.  There was a guy lying on the platform, not moving, and LAURENCE went to see if he was even alive.  He was, and came out of his drunken stupor and said; “I need a woman.”  She said “You’re on your own for that!”  I guess that’s what is called ‘local color‘ and she sat down next to me to wait for the train.  The train, which I dubbed the ‘Sweatbox Express‘ arrived on time.  I said my goodbyes to LAURENCE and hopped aboard the non-air conditioned train in the 100º plus heat and rode several hours back to Buenos Aires where I checked back into the hotel to get ready for more research tomorrow.
Many thanks again to LAURENCE – a superb Bormann researcher, a great hostess and a good friend.

DAY 10     8 February     This was the day we boarded the ferryboat for the three-hour ride across the Rio de la Platte, over the same waters traversed by GRAF SPEE in December 1939.  We landed at the port of Colonia, Uruguay and after lunch, we went to the village of Colonia Suisse – Swiss Colony.  Martin did his work and talking to an old lady in the village, she pointed us in the direction of Omar Moreira.  Omar lived in this village all his life and he confirmed what Martin had discovered.  Omar is a neat guy and he wrote a book about the history of the Colonia Suisse, which he autographed and gave to me.

Martin learned that Dr. Josef Mengele had come to this village in 1958.  He arrived on 25 July and stayed for eight days as it was necessary for him to marry his brother’s wife when his brother died.  This was purely for financial reasons we are told.  We went to the house where Mengele stayed on the outskirts of town.  The owner bought the house years ago and one of the reasons was that it is where Mengele stayed for that time in 1958.  Mengele fled soon after into Paraguay because fortunes were turning against him.  Perón was out of power and Eichmann had been kidnapped.  He felt that this area was not safe for him.

We counted a total of thirteen dogs in the yard of this house but Martin got the attention of the owner, who let him inside the house.  The owner refused to let us take photos inside the house.  I took many photos of the outside of the house but the chip that held those photos was defective and so those photos do not exist.  In the town plaza stands a beautiful monument, erected in 1937 and Omar told us there is a Swastika Flag in the cornerstone of this monument.  Again – sadly, that photo was destroyed too.

Day 11     9 February

This day we drove down to Montevideo, a very modern city and we wanted to look at the artifacts that were taken from the Panzerschiff GRAF SPEE.  It is not as easy as it might seem.  One does not merely walk up to these items and start photographing. These pieces of history are on the grounds of the Admiralty – the headquarters of the Uruguay Navy and the sign ‘NO PASAR‘ is backed up by armed sentries so even though we know that ‘NO PASAR‘ means Sharkhunters are welcome, there is no sneaking past the guards.

We know what ‘NO PASAR‘ means but what should we do?  I told Martin to ask to see the Officer of the Deck.  When we got to the OD, I showed him my US Coast Guard (Aux.) credentials and Martin told him that I was a Flotilla Commander, which I was until a few years ago when I resigned.  No problem the OD told us; the sentry opened the gate and we went in.  They take very good care of these priceless historic artifacts.DeckGun
We borrowed this shot because no amount of my Irish smooth talking could get us in to see this part of GRAF SPEE.  Note that the Swastika is covered because everyone knows that if you look at a Swastika, your brain will melt…….or something like that.

Actually we are told that this is a political hot potato between Germany, England and a few other nations with Uruguay caught in the middle and so, until the situation is sorted out and solved, this artifact is REALLYNO PASAR‘.  In fact, it is not even here on the grounds of the Uruguay Navy HQ.  It is in another building, in a locked room with an armed sentry at the door.  They would not even tell us the location of this building.  Oh well……….


It is not difficult to find buildings with tunnels and bunkers in Germany, Austria and other parts of Europe – but in South America?  Note that we are not revealing the village and that the name of the hotel has been obliterated.

It is bad enough when someone plagiarizes our books; we are not going to tell them all our sources so they can go there and claim that they made these discoveries.

Click on the photo of the old hotel and see for yourself.

Day 12     10 February

We visited the Uruguay Navy Museum and about half of it had to do with GRAF SPEE; I even bought a copy of the logbook of this ship.  There was a Marine in the museum and he tried for two hours to get permission for us to view the giant eagle and Swastika from the bow of GRAF SPEE but no luck.

We spoke with a wonderful old gentleman who was 95 years of age; looked like maybe 65.  Jose Rossas was 18 years old in December 1939 so he and his friends rode their bicycles to the waterfront to watch the anticipated naval battle.  He said; “All of a sudden, there was this massive explosion and she ship was on fire all over!”  At 95 years of age, he still drives his car.

Don’t click this photo – it is not linked
Then we went to the home of a Latvian guy who was dubbed ‘the Butcher of Riga‘ by whomever puts titles on people’s names.  In the 1960’s he was ambushed by agents of Mossad but he was a very big man and hard to subdue, so they killed him and stuffed his body in a steamer trunk where it remained in the house for twenty days!  I am guessing this was not a pretty sight and that the house smelled pretty bad by then.

UPDATE 14 March 2016 – We have been informed that this man was Herbert Curcurs.  Mossad operatives killed him and placed his body in a trunk with a dossier of his activities.  It is the only murder of a German admitted by the Mossad.  The title ‘Butcher of Riga‘ was made by Frederick Forsyth in his book “The Odessa File“.

We decided to visit the graves of the thirty-six men who were killed aboard GRAF SPEE during their sea battle with HMS AJAX, HMS ACHILLES and HMS EXETER.  They are in a cemetery here in Montevideo but the closer we got to the cemetery, the seedier the neighborhood became.  We stopped to ask a police officer for directions.  He said that we were only a few blocks away…..then quickly added that he did not advise us to go there.  He said that even he, a police officer, would not go into that area and it was part of his beat!  Okay, I am pretty brave but certainly not stupid so we broke off today’s quest for the graves of the GRAF SPEE men.

NOTE – From this point forward, we will most likely NOT reveal names of our sources or the names of towns.  The reason is simple – we value our sources and will not compromise their identities in any way.

11Feb1Day 13     11 February
Montevideo is a beautiful city as we see here…..…..but there is much more to be seen
On this point we visit the Memorial to
the men and the ships of the great battle
Why do we find all these Third
Reich postage stamps nearby?
What does this very advanced aircraft
have to do with our South American expedition?
What is the story behind this very unusual house
perched on a small cliff looking out over the Atlantic?

Now it gets interesting!

11Feb30What the heck is this?

There is quite a story here.  Click on the photo of the strange house to the left and prepare to be amazed.

Day 13     11 February (continued)

Day 14     12 February

No, we are not in the USA – we are still in Puente del Este and yes, that is a picture of Donald Trump at the Trump Tower of Uruguay.  We, however, did not come to Puente del Este to look at buildings under construction.

In case you cannot read the sign, it says:
“Ultra Exclusive Residences”

Click on the photo on the right to ride with us to a lagoon far outside Puente del Este where a seaplane landed 31 October 1945.

13Feb1Day 15     13 February

Today was a tough one – we drove about 450 kilometers (almost 300 miles) across some pretty desolate wilderness but at least, unlike Argentina, Uruguay is made up largely of rolling hills.

We stopped for lunch here then continued on to a dam and hydroelectric plant built by Germany.  Even today this is in the middle of no damn place.  One can only imagine what it was like when it was built in 1938.

Click on the photo on the left to go back in history with us.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Day 16     14 February

The day is overcast but quickly becomes very hot and muggy.  If I may borrow a line from my old buddy Duane Sweeney, the Flagman at the superspeedways I used to race, I was sweating like a June bride.  In this area at this time of year, it is hot, HOT – really HOT!

In the USA and some other countries, today is St. Valentine’s Day, the day lovers spend together.  Unfortunately, I am here in Uruguay and my family is back in Florida and no, this is not my Valentine.  So why do we feature her in this space?  Click on her photo to see.


15 March 2016 – BREAKING NEWS!  This just received from S.E.I.G. Agent PIZZARRO:
“Dear Friend Harry,
Beautiful!  I have seen all photos on your homepage, photos of the street near the ranch 19 April in Uruguay.  Yes, this is the right street.  Very interesting all old ladies have heard stories about the airplane but never seen.  You are the first researcher and scientist for right history in this grid.  Harry – very important, the pilot has told me that after the war in time 1945 to 1968 never an American researcher or FBI or CIA or US Army CIC was in this grid near the ranch 19 April or in this street so it is possible you are the first American scientist in this Uruguay grid and same in 1969 (when PIZZARRO was there) one of the old ladies said – I have heard this was a big airplane hours before the war was over.  I have heard only the engines in the night and the airplane sound came from south-east.  So it is possible the airplane came in a long bend (circle) from the South Atlantic on course to the street to Rivera.  The lady told that the airplane sound was very deep and she thinks the airplane in the night was in low altitude flight.  So she jumped from her bed to the window and looked to the heavens but it was dark and the airplane had no lights and she told me – I think the airplane was black.  I have heard only a deep engine sound with course to north-east, from the South Atlantic, and course was to north-east like the direction the street to Rivera.
Best, your friend PIZZARRO

15Feb1Day 17     15 February

What can we learn inside this house?  Whose house is it?

Click on the photo of this neatly kept house and learn from the daughter of Herr von Metzker, daughter of the man who owned the estancia that figures so prominently in the history of the JU 390-V2 that landed in this area more than seven decades ago.

Come inside and meet Herta von Metzker.

Inside you will also read an important update from S.E.I.G. Agent PIZZARRO.

In the past couple days we have received much more information from PIZZARRO that totally and absolutely confirms this story of the JU 390-V2 landing in Uruguay.  This information is in KTB #278, the next issue of our magazine that goes to Members…..but only to Members.  This is priceless history and this is why Members join Sharkhunters.  Soon it will be in our next book on Hitler’s escape.  Watch for it.

As you see, most of the people we interviewed became nervous when I asked about the huge airplane that landed in the night and two women gave an involuntary nervous laugh when I asked about the plane.  I took that to mean that they did not want to talk about the plane but having only the basic required psychology courses, I asked a highly competent Psychiatrist, Dr. CHARLES ELLIS MD, Member #7324-C/LIFE and his reply was “That would be my conclusion.”

In an email received 16 March 2016 from S.E.I.G. Agent PIZZARRO we are told:
All old ladies you have seen were nervous but I think all were not nervous about an old big airplane but I think so all have more information and all were nervous because high ranking passengers were in the last airplane from the fallen Reich.”  There is more about this from PIZZARRO in KTB #278.

Day 18     16 February

OOPS!  It looks like we grabbed the wrong film chip and inserted a photo that does not belong.  Trust me – it does belong here.

Today will be a rugged day as we must drive some 700 kilometers back into Argentina to the Missiones area.  There is something of great importance to our research there – and it is also the area where the Zika and the Dengues viruses began.  The Minister of Health is considering closing the entire area in quarantine but we must go here.  History is waiting for us.

Click on this photo at the right and join us in pure history.

17Feb16Day 19     17 February

As previously stated, we have a very long way to go to get to the area we need for this part of the expedition so we stop along the way and learn some history other than that of World War Two and the spy stuff that went along with it.

Click on this photo to see who we are talking with.

18Feb12Day 20     18 February

We have finally reached the area in TBA, the Tri-Border area where the ruins of the super secret house are to be found.  What?  It is not so super-secret?  Not even a little bit secret?  Isn’t that the impression we got from that TV series?  That this was Hitler’s home?  That it was super secret?  Click on the sign and come with us into the jungle and learn the truth.

Make no mistake – this is a really rugged trek.  It is summer and we are in the jungle with temperatures above 120º, 100% humidity and millions of mosquitoes carrying Zika and Dengues virus.

Click on the photo & join us.  You do not need insect repellant.

ArgentinaDay 21     19 February

This is another long day of hard travel; we must put many
miles under the wheels.  Climb in the car, get comfortable, buckle your seat belts and let’s go.

Click on either of these flags.

Day 22     20 February

This is a day of incredible discovery.  Dr. F & Dr. C have uncovered another mystery of World War Two and the fall of the Third Reich.  They have also found people dead in the Führerbunker – who were not really dead at all!

We have seen with the photos of a dead Adolf Hitler that photos are not always what they are purported to be and so it was with Hitler; he did not commit suicide in the Führerbunker but lived out his life in Argentina.  Others whose bodies were found really were not dead at all; it was all an elaborate ruse and not their bodies.

Here is a clue – look at the photos of the two women in this photo.


21Feb11Day 23     21 February

Stalingrad was a disaster for the German military and an even bigger disaster for the men who were surrendered.  About 5,000 of the 195,000 POWs survived Soviet imprisonment to return home.

On this day we met a 95 year old veteran of that fateful moment in history and we hear his story.

We also tour a very interesting building with many tunnels.


Be Part of our Next Expedition!

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Sharkhunters South American Expedition 2016





SHARKHUNTERS International
2016 “Hitler in Argentina

Tunnels?  Bunkers?  Hidden trap doors?  Come along.

Almost every day Sharkhunters President HARRY  COOPER 1-LIFE-1983 finds something or someone more amazing than the previous.  This day was awesome!

9Feb1 9Feb4
9Feb3 9Feb2

What a magnificent hotel, right?  It is a very large facility with many rooms and built a long time ago.  It is puzzling however, that this large hotel is in a very remote village – actually outside the little village, in the middle of nowhere.  If you look closely at these photos as we saw the place itself, it will become apparent that there are no guests staying there.  We saw no sign of anyone except the lady who owned the hotel and her daughter.

Prior to 1976 when the lady’s father bought the place, it was a convent run by the Catholic Church.  Maybe that explains why it is so far removed from any traces of civilization……and of course, the Catholic Church would never help anyone escaping from the crumbled Third Reich – would they?

Damn right they would – and as we know, they did.




If you are in the correct room and if you know the secret, you slide the big overstuffed white sofa and footstool out of the way, fold up the carpet – and look what you find!

In the photo left we are standing on the main level looking down the steps into the bunker.

In the photo right we are already down the first set of steps and going into the main rooms in this small bunker system.  This is a well planned and well constructed set of bunkers and tunnels……excellent planning.

     But why?  Why do you think?????


This is a small system and now used by the hotel for wine and beer storage, but what was it used for before these people bought it in 1976  Why was it built outside a little village in the middle of nowhere?  What was it used for prior to 1976?  Why does it appear that there are no guests and if we look closely, it does not appear as if they have had guests here for some time.

9Feb10 9Feb8
9Feb9 9Feb11

We are about thirty feet underground here and looking at the decorations on the walls, it is obvious that all this artwork is fairly new.  Doubtful it was on the walls very long ago.  Naturally, the lady who owns the hotel, who inherited it from her father, has the same problem as Sergeant Schultz – she sees nothing, she hears nothing, and she knows nothing.  Maybe this is true that she does not know the history of the hotel as she is in her early ’50s and they only bought the hotel in 1976, more than three decades after the end of World War Two.  It is unlikely that she is ignorant of the entire history of the place but…..



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Sharkhunters South American Expedition 2016





SHARKHUNTERS International
2016 “Hitler in Argentina”

Day 13     11 February

11Feb7 11Feb8
Both above – the memorial to the men and to the battle… …..of the River Plate, looking over the empty sea
11Feb6 11Feb9
As we have said, Montevideo is a beautiful city….. …..but the mermaids leave much to be desired.  These
mermaids are at the scenic overlook to the sea.


About mid-morning we drove to a little town quite a ways out of Montevideo and we came to an automotive shop in the middle of nowhere – Uruguay has a lot of ‘Nowhere‘; and we talked with the owner of the shop.  He was a very pleasant man of about 40 years, and as we see here, he had quite an interest in the Third Reich.  He has this collection of cancelled Third Reich postage stamps.  He gave one to me.

Why does he have such an interest in this history?  He has a friend in this village whose grandfather was in the Luftwaffe.  He gave us the impression that his friend’s grandfather was a mechanic.  We asked if we could talk with his friend, so while Martin and I were at lunch, this man called his friend who said he was happy to meet with us.

As we were soon to learn, his grandfather was anything BUT a mechanic!

11Feb12 11Feb11
11Feb14 11Feb10

His friend was a big man with blue eyes and blond hair, also about 40 years of age.  He spoke fluent English and German.  As we talked with this man, it man it quickly became apparent that his grandfather was MUCH more than a mechanic…..then he told us the name of his grandfather.

Look over these blueprints and see if you can guess who his grandfather was……

11Feb19 11Feb17
11Feb16 11Feb15

In case you haven’t figured it out as yet……….

Roy met us outside his house and we talked for a while.  He was fluent in English and also in German.  During the conversation we got the impression that his grandfather may have been a mechanic of some type in the Luftwaffe.

He invited us into his home and pulled out a lot of blueprints, photographs and letters etc. about his grandfather.  It quickly became clear that his grandfather was not a simple mechanic but much more.  Then he told us the name of his grandfather.

His grandfather was Reimar Horten!

Reimar Horten and his brother were the famed Horten Brothers who designed the HO 229 jet powered flying wing bomber for the Luftwaffe.  From Roy and later from the son of Reimar we learned that he was also instrumental in the design of the B-2 bomber and the F-117 stealth aircraft for the US Air Force.  The son and the grandson of Reimar Horten have said they will work with Sharkhunters with any information we need.  We thank them and look forward to very informative communications in the future.

 11Feb18 11Feb20



When you get back to the 2016 South America Tour page you can proceed to a page about this……house.  What is it?  When and why was it built?  What purpose did it REALLY serve?



There are hundreds, and as soon as we can label them, we will send them all to our Members who donated money to this expedition and who have already received their HARD COPY of “Hitler in Argentina“.  Check back real soon for more historic photos.


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