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Summer Solstice – 2010


 2010 Sharkhunters
Summer Solstice

We have said all along that each and every “Patrol” is new and different, and so it was with our 2010 Summer Solstice “Patrol“.

We arrive a couple days early and just enjoy the peaceful surroundings then the friendship and fellowship as guests arrive.

On our way through quaint little German villagesAnd when we arrive, Manfred is playing his harmonica
An accomplished musician, Manfred comes down to greet us with more music.
The flag of Manfred’s organizationflies proudly in the fresh breeze.
Friends from three continents together already.Anyone know how to work this camera?
Don’t you wish you had been with us here?Preview of things to come – the bonfire!
Lounging about, enjoying some great food alongwith superb history and fellowship.
JEFF the ‘Tunnel King‘ serving soup.More friends are arriving.

As we draw towards the week-end, more and more friends are arriving from around the world.

Lars is from Scandinavia, Gene from the USA whilst Peter and
Lady Michéle Renouf are from the UK
There is a never-ending supply of great food.
Adding to the international flavor, Gregor is from Russia
From GermanyFrom Germany
from Germanyfrom the UK
Fresh flowers presented to our host.
the Folk Singers
In the main roomPeople came here in many ways