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Summer Solstice – 2011

As we do almost every year, a group of Sharkhunters traveled to central Germany to celebrate the Summer Solstice and German Folkloric traditions with our friend MANFRED ROEDER (1517-1990).  Sadly, MANFRED could not be with us as he was ‘away on government business‘.  Actually, he was in a prison hospital for evaluation to determine if he could spend the next eight months in regular prison or if it would be necessary for him to spend his eight months in the prison hospital.  Speaking out against the accepted and acceptable ‘history‘ has its consequences.  Nevertheless, the celebration and ceremonies went forward as we see here.  For security reasons, we do not give the entire name of the people you will see on this page.

the Hospitality

Our first night was spend in a hotel in Frankfurt andwe walked to this quaint little German restaurant.
Above and below……we stopped on the way inthe little town of Neukirchen for lunch.
We can follow COOPER across Germany by the ice cream dishes!
We took some relaxing time when we arrived at MANFRED‘sThe view off the deck was impressive!

the Compound!

Behind the main housewe see some of the campers.
The main house where all the social activities take place.The other house where additional people sleep.

the Fellowship
In this series we see the various times we are in the main room for meals, for chat, for history and for socialization.  The fellowship was tremendous!  Join us in this series of untitled photos as if you were there.

Did you see anyone you knew?  Perhaps you should have been in these photos.  Maybe next year………….but don’t be like the Chicago Cubs where “next year” never happens.

Preparations for the Bonfire

Surveying the sceneThe raw materials
WOW!  That’s a lot of wood to stack up.We’re getting started.
Anybody know which piece goes where?Looks good – Rocki approves of the final work.

…..some of the People

the Procession
the Ceremonies

Look closely at the pyre – the flames are beginning
at the bottom left of the pyramid.


The day after the festivities ended, COOPER and Lady Michele ducked out from the compound for a delightful day of sightseeing, relaxing – and talking a little business as well.

Details of that planning session will be released at some time in the near future.

Too bad that you missed this historic and fun time of fellowship in olde Germany with traditions, meeting new friends and visiting with old friends as well.  No worries………..we will return in summer 2012 for the next Summer Solstice.  Join us and see how much fun we have; and you will meet some interesting people.