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H. ROSS PEROT (130-1985)

United States Navy


H. ROSS PEROT graduated from the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis (1949-1953) where he helped formulate the Code of Honor and was Battalion Commander.  His time in the USN was quiet and without great note.  He served his four years then went into the private sector world where he became a multi-millionaire in the new and booming data processing industry.  He sold his company and became a billionaire.

As a young man, he joined the Boy Scouts of America and after only 13 months, rose to the level of Eagle Scout.  After his military service, he joined IBM as a salesman and sold his entire one year quota in just two weeks!  He formed his first company EDS (Electronic Data Systems) and during the Iranian uprising, two of his employees were imprisoned in that country – so he hired some veterans led by a former Green Beret Colonel to go into Iran and get them out.

While not known for his military service or his business accomplishments, PEROT is best known for his unsuccessful run for the Presidency of the United States which he announced in 1992.