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Vet 1366

OTTO SCHUHART (1366-1990)

Kriegsmarine, U-Bootwaffe Commander U-29

Born 1 April 1909 in Hamburg,was in Naval Class 1929. During the war while in command of U-29he sank 12 ships with a total of 83,688 tons.

U-29 was a very early model Type VII-A as seen in the photo above right and directly right. These photos were shot pre-war as evidenced by their numbers on the conning tower. Once the war began,the U-Numbers were removed for security reasons.

Look closely at the photo of U-29 above and you will see what sets the Type VII-A boats apart from all other U-Boats. Tube V, the stern tube, is ABOVE the waterline. No other U-Boats had their tubes above the waterline. All later variants of the Type VII had Tube V firing underwater, between the rudders and props, like all other U-Boats.
Dockside in harbor.Heading out to sea through coastal traffic.
Pounding through the seas.Comparing tactics with other Skippers.
His accomplishments at sea earned him the Kitterkreuz (the Knights Cross) on 16 May 1940. This was in part for his sinking of the Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS COURAGEOUS on 17 September 1939.Talking with Großadmiral Erich Raeder (center) and FdU(ComSub) Kapitän zur See Karl Dönitz(right) back in Wilhelmshaven.