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Vet 1444

SHARKHUNTERS Salutes Veterans

REINHARD RECHE (1444-1990)

Born 13 December 1914 in Kreuzberg, Upper Silesia he was in the Naval Class of 1934. He commissioned U-255 and brought her into battle against the heavily defended Murmansk Convoys. One of his first convoy battles brought him into contact with the ill-fated Convoy PQ.17 which was decimated by German forces. He sank two American merchant ships, SS JOHN WITHERSPOON and SS ALCOA RANGER, both loaded with war material, airplanes, and other supplies for the Soviet Union.

On 13 March 1943, RECHE was decorated with the Knights Cross.


During her time at sea, a Blohm &Voss BV-138 flying boat was in dire need of fuel, so she landed next to U-255 and borrowed some diesel fuel from the U-Boat for her return trip to her home base.