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Vet 1517

SHARKHUNTERS Salutes Veterans


Hitler Youth in Defense of Berlin

MANFRED ROEDERis an interesting guy. His father was an officer in the German military, a translator of the Russian language. Being too young for the regular military, MANFRED was in the Hitler Youth and in the final battle for Berlin, he served with the Volkssturm, the collection of old men and children who attempted to hold off the advancing Red Army. After the war ended and Germany began to return to normalcy,MANFRED went to college to become a lawyer and eventually was a Doctor of Law. We were introduced to MANFRED by another Doctor of Law and also a Knights Cross winning U-Boat Skipper HANS-GEORG HESS(125-1985). HESS was a proud right-wing German himself. Quite talented, MANFRED is an artist and his paintings hang in his home and he is an accomplished musician.

MANFRED was also a fire-breathing, right-wing German patriot which not only brought him to national prominence in Germany, it also put him in the spotlight of the government. When Großadmiral Karl Dönitz was released from Spandau Prison, MANFRED convinced Dönitz to name him as successor to Dönitz as Führer of the old Third Reich.

It was in 1980 that MANFREDreally got on the wrong side of the German Government when he became associated with a book that claimed there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz. Whether there were or were not is not the problem – in Germany, it is a felony to even say this, and he drew ten years in prison for that. Later, in 1998 when Schräder was running against Helmut Kohl for Chancellorship of Germany, MANFRED also tried for this office. In his campaign, MANFRED wrote or said something the government disapproved of …back to prison MANFRED went, this time for two and a half years. A few years after being released, he ran afoul of the law again and took another ten months in prison. His constant “in your face” comments against the German Government have cost him some thirteen years of his life in prison but he marches steadily onward in the cause of the old Germany.

Over the years, Sharkhunters President HARRY COOPER(1-LIFE-1983) has been to the compound where MANFRED lives high atop a mountain in German with two huge houses. During the time of the Solstice, there is always a celebration on the Knüll where MANFRED lives with many people, lots of great food and fellowship.

During one Winter Solstice, it was a picture postcard…

…well, except for the KriPo parked on the road filming everything.

COOPERMANFRED and a young friend

So we went to wish the KriPo(Kriminal Polezi) a Merry Christmas. We brought them hot tea
and pieces of cake. They thanked us and said they thought it was a waste of their time to be there,

but they had their orders.

As in forgotten times, the ladies are cooking a fantastic mealTake a bow ladies, he food was fantastic!
The dinner was superb, as we see here.After dinner, COOPER plays chess with one of the people.

MANFREDis constantly traveling to other countries in his quest to bring right-wing people and groups together. In the photos below, he is with Sensi Ohto in Japan , signing a protocol with some of their leaders wanting to preserve their history.

Visiting shrines

With the group

Signing the Protocol with Sensi Ohto