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Sir ETIENNE duPUCH (153-1985)

British Army, Newsman, and Publisher


His father brought the Nassau TRIBUNE into being and as a young reporter, ETIENNE followed the wartime escapades of spies, spooks, criminals, heads of corporations & heads of State as the world of international intrigue played out in Nassau in the Bahamas prior to and during World War Two. He kept tabs on the meetings between the Duke of Windsor (the abdicated King Edward VIII), the heads of the giant American aluminum companies, Sr. Camacho (head of a huge Mexican bank and brother of the Mexican President) Sir Harry Oaks (one of the wealthiest men in the British Empire). ETIENNE covered the murder of Sir Harry when all the evidence pointed to the son-in-law of Sir Harry, Count ALFREDO deMARIGNY (2172-1992).

Knighted by HRM Queen Elizabeth II, Sir ETIENNE held many distinguished titles, ranks and awards.  He spent many hours with Sharkhunters President HARRY COOPER (1-LIFE-1983) revealing these wartime stories and secrets, many of which have been reported in our KTB Magazine and also in our books.

His daughter, Mrs. EILEEN CARRON (135-1985), now runs the TRIBUNE in Nassau.