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Vet 162

SHARKHUNTERS Salutes Veterans


Kriegsmarine, U-Boat Commander


schulz3aKnown by some as the most handsome U-Boat Skipper in the entire Fleet, he was also called “Vatty” Schulz, meaning Papa Schulz because he helped train so many Skippers including REINHARD HARDEGEN (102-1985),  Joachen Mohr and Werner Henke.

Born 10 March 1910 in Köln, was already an experienced sea captain.  He went into the Naval Academy Class 1930/1932.

During his career as a Skipper, he sank 19 ships totaling 88,986 tons and was decorated with the Knights Cross.  He was Flottillenchef (Flotilla Commander) of the 6th U-Bootflottille at St. Nazaire then the 25th.

U-124Emblem003xMany are not aware how the Edelweiß came to be the conning Turmabzeichen (conning tower emblem) of U-124.  When SCHULZ had his first command, U-64, he was caught in Rombaksfjord by Royal Navy aircraft of the 700 Squadron flying off HMS WARSPITE.  U-64 was sunk and only a handful of men made it to the surface.

They were near to shore and were helped by men of the Gebirgsjäger (mountain troops) in the area.  When the half dozen men were safely ashore, the men of the Gebirgsjäger urged them to move quickly to their camp to get warm and dry. SCHULZ refused, saying that he would wait for the rest of his men to come up. He was assured that no one else would be coming up from the freezing waters but SCHULZ refused to depart the area.

Suddenly heads began to pop up in the icy waters of the fjord, and the men of the Gebirgsjäger pulled out man after man until all the crew were saved except for eight who did not make it out.  The Edelweiß bloom is the emblem of the Gebirgsjäger and so in thanks and in honor of them, SCHULZ put this beautiful flower on his conning tower.

U-124Emblem002…but what of this other turmabzeichen?  Where did it originate? Some believe, incorrectly, that this was the emblem of one of the other Skippers of U-124 but that is not correct.  REINHARD HARDEGEN (102-1985) told us the story.

He said that on one Feindfahrt (war patrol) their only duty was to remain in one area and report the weather. As Captain HARDEGEN put it, they were a big Weather Frog, and so that is the reason for this turmabzeichen.

U-124bxWe did not get to know or to have much correspondence with SCHULZ as shortly after he became a Member, he passed away.  His Membership was continued with his wife, Eleonore, in his place.  Sharkhunters President HARRY COOPER (1-LIFE-1983) had dinner with her one evening in Hamburg and said that she was fine lady with great class.

Below are random photos of GEORG WILHELM SCHULZ

Heading out to sea – clean shaven.Returning from patrol – not so clean shaven.
Captain on the Bridge.Funkmaat in the ‘Funkraum’.
Photo taken from one of the ‘heavies’Survivors on a calm sea.