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HORST HASLAU (167-1986)

Kriegsmarine, U-Bootwaffe


HORST HASLAU was part of an important last-gasp effort of the Reich to push back the Allies, principally the United States, toward the end of the war.  In November 1944 he was radioman on U-1230 under HANS HILBIG (186-1986) during Operation ELSTER (Magpie). They brought the boat into Frenchman’s Bay in Maine in the dark of night and two agents, ERICH GIMPEL (884-1988) who was Abwehr Agent #146 and William Colepaugh, a U. S. Navy Deserter, paddled ashore and landed on this very beach (upper right) to sabotage the Manhattan Project, America’s atomic bomb project.


After the war, HASLAU came to the United States, became a citizen and was an engineer with RCA until his retirement