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Lt. Col. ROBERT K. BROWN (169-1986)

United States Army – Special Forces

Highly accomplished Lieutenant Colonel, U. S. Army (Retired);

  • Special Forces Team Leader in Vietnam;
  • OIC Advanced Marksmanship Unit XVIII Corps;
  • Graduate of Command and General Staff College;
  • Military Parachutist with wings from:
    • United States,
    • El Salvador;
    • Guatemala;
    • Israel;
    • Peru,
    • Taiwan and
    • Thailand
  • Competitive Pistol Shooter;
  • African and North American Big Game Hunter;
  • Author of numerous articles on guns and shooting;
  • Member Legislative Policy, Grassroots Development;
  • Worked with the U.S. Government for gun rights

In addition, he smuggled 5,000 rounds of 5.45 ammunition out of Afghanistan to the United States which were the first test sample in the US.

He’s an investigative journalist and a few decades ago, he founded Soldier of Fortune Magazine.