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Vet 1820

SHARKHUNTERS Salutes Veterans

Dr. HEINZ SCHLICKE (1820-1991)

Kriegsmarine, U-Bootwaffe Scientist

While not your typical U-Bootfahrer, Dr. HEINZ SCHLICKE was one of Germany’s foremost expert scientists on magnetic suppression – in other words, hiding a submarine’s magnetic signature to anti-submarine forces. He was one of the special passengers aboard U-1230 under command of HANS HILBIG (186-1986). He served in the capacity as assisting Engineering Officer on that boat. Abwehr Agent #146, ERICH GIMPEL (884-1988) was a reserve officer aboard that boat and he was put ashore on the coast of Maine to sabotage the American atomic bomb project. HORST HASLAU (167-1986) was the radioman aboard U-1230. The boat was bound for Tokyo with many special passengers and top-secret items aboard such as two ME 262 jet fighters in crates …and 560 kilos of uranium for the Japanese atomic bomb. The surrender order came as they were in the North Atlantic and they surrendered in Portsmouth, NH.

Dr. SCHLICKE became an American scientist under Operation PAPERCLIP‘ and worked on American super secret projects until his retirement when he moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and became part of the huge German population there.