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GEORG LASSEN (184-1986)

Kriegsmarine, U-Bootwaffe
U-Boat Skipper, Eichenlaubträger

Lassen1a  RKEcolor
  LASSEN with Oak Leaf                          Returning from patrolRitterkreuz mit Eichenlaub
Knights Cross with Oak Leaf

Born 12 May 1915 in Berlin, LASSEN was in Class 1935 and was Watch Officer aboard U-29 when war broke out.  He commissioned U-160 and commanded that boat over many successful Feindfahrten (war patrols ). He arrived off the U.S. east coast shortly after Paukenschlag had finished, but there were still plenty of targets, thanks to the bumbling of Admiral King.  U-160 sank five ships in U.S. waters on that patrol.

Proudly wearing his new Ritterkreuz mit EichenlaubRelaxing at home at age 96; photo taken in 2011

During four Feindfahrten, he sank 26 ships totaling more than 156,000 tons; was one of only 145 U-Bootfahrer to be decorated with the Knights Cross and one of only 28 WW II Skippers to be decorated with the Oak Leaf.

With the rank of Kapitän zur See, LASSEN was ordered off the water to Pillau where he spent two years training upcoming U-Boat Skippers.