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Vet 191

SHARKHUNTERS Salutes Veterans


Kriegsmarine, U-Bootwaffe, Skipper U-48, Commander 3rd U-Bootflottille

Born 24 July 1909 in Kiel, SCHULTZE was in the Naval Academy Class 1930.  His boat U-48, under three Skippers, was the most successful submarine of any side during World War Two.  When finally taken off combat duty, he took command of the 3rd U-Bootflottille based at La Rochelle.  His final posting was Commander of Department H at the Naval Academy.

The Turmabzeichen (conning tower emblem) of U-48 was “Dreimal Schwartze Kater” or Three Black Cats – Tomcats!

U-48EmblemF  U-48EmblemCSchultze1a
Left – the tower emblem
Right – the tally of tonnage
SCHULTZE with his new Knights Cross.
Returning to port with his trademark fur hat.SCHULTZE was one of only 28 Skippers to be decorated with the Oak Leaf to the Knights Cross
On the radio set of U-48, we see….
Upper left – “48 dampfer” means 48 steamers sunk
Upper right – 308,507 gross tons sunk
Showing the wear of hard days on patrol, the paint is all but gone on the conning
tower and there is not much left of the “Dreimal Schwartze Kater” emblem.
SCHULTZE is seen with his fur hat on the bridge