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Vet 1945

SHARKHUNTERS Salutes Veterans


Kriegsmarine, U-Bootwaffe Commander U-960

GÜNTHER HEINRICH was Skipper of U-960, the last boat to make it through the “Gates of Hell” (Gibraltar) in World War Two. Rather than attempting to run through close behind a Royal Navy destroyer or beneath a convoy, he went along the Spanish coast so near the shore that he had only a meter of water beneath the keel. He tells all about this on DVD-68.

He sank ships but on 19 May 1944 he was attacked by the destroyers USS LUDLOW and USS NIBLACK assisted by RAF aircraft of the 36th and 500th Squadrons and sunk with the loss of 32 men. HEINRICH was one of the survivors as was WERNER KRÜGER(325-1987). Both veterans were with us for several Sharkhunters “Patrols“.

GÜNTHER HEINRICHserved on the Sharkhunters Advisory Board. CLICK HERE to go to the Board.

He also helped Sharkhunters by HAND SIGNING two of our fine art prints and this helps the German Submarine Memorial as Sharkhunters donates 10% of all income from the sale of these prints to them. CLICK ON the photos below for full description.

14 Skippers hand signed this print


18 hand signed this print