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Vet 2169

SHARKHUNTERS Salutes Veterans

EUGENE FLUCKEY (2169-1992)

United States Navy, Submarine Service –The MOST HIGHLY DECORATED American Submariner ever

Commanding Officer, USS BARB (SS 220) and known as ‘the Galloping Ghost of the China Coast‘, Fluckey brought his boat up a Chinese river in the dark of night, hoping to find Japanese shipping. He was not disappointed – he found a large fleet of Japanese ships at anchor. He quickly first all six forward tubes, spun around and fired all four stern tubes into the fleet. The first ship hit was an ammunition ship that exploded in a mountain of flame and exploding ordnance, and it lit up the scene brighter than midday.

He was coming under fire now, he took BARB at flank speed, down a river for which he had no charts, no way to know where the shallows were or the rocks or the minefields – he just flat out headed for the ocean. In one of their meetings, FLUCKEY told HARRY COOPER (1-LIFE-1983) “Some people say that life begins at forty; I say life begins at twenty …twenty fathoms, that is!

He finally had twenty fathoms of water, 120 feet, in which to dive.

He was decorated with the Medal of Honor for this action.

In another action, he was offshore Sakhalin Island, at that time a Japanese island, and he watched a troop train rushing along the coast every night, bringing fresh troops to the harbor to be sent to fight against U.S. Marines. He sent two rubber boats ashore in the middle of the night with eight men aboard and a demolition charge. FLUCKEYmade sure these men had all been Boy Scouts in case he had to leave them. The charge was put under the rails by the COB (Chief of the Boat) PAUL ‘SWISH‘ SAUNDERS (3092-1993)and the men began heading back in their rubber boats. The train was a little early and the men were not quite back to BARBwhen it ran over the pressure switch designed by FLUCKEY. The locomotive blew sky high, train cars went off the tracks and caught fire.

For this action, FLUCKEYwas decorated with one of his four NAVY CROSS awards.

GENE FLUCKEYheld many positions with many responsibilities.

When he was ComSubPac, he attended a naval ball but rather than two stars on his collar, he wore a silver oak leaf, the badge of rank of a Lieutenant Commander.

When a friend asked him why he did that, FLUCKEYreplied something to the effect that admirals never get lucky with the girls, but Lt. Cdrs. frequently do…

FLUCKEY with Bill and Hillary Clinton.With Sharkhunters Member BILL OLSEN (2431-LIFE-1992)

Like so many veterans of both sides, GENE FLUCKEYwas very helpful to Sharkhunters. Here, along with NED BEACH (1163-1989) and SLADE CUTTER (3174-1993) are hand signing our print “Yesterday’s Enemies“. These were great men, great warriors and they helped Sharkhunters. We offer two prints hand signed by FLUCKEY.

FLUCKEY served ten years on our Sharkhunters Advisory Board.

RADM FLUCKEYserved ten years on our Sharkhunters Advisory Board and you can see the Board Members by clicking here TO THE ADVISORS PAGE.

RADM FLUCKEY hand signed our fine art prints. Click on the print below for more description.