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Vet 221

SHARKHUNTERS Salutes Veterans

BO MAHER (221-1986)

United States Navy


BOB was the Fire Control Petty Officer aboard USS BORIE (DD 215) during the famous battle between their ship and U-405.  In this battle, both ships were lost, the entire German crew was lost and about 1/3 of the American crew was lost. BOB tells in great and vivid detail about this battle in our CD-13 which is available to Members at $15 or non-Members at $20 with shipping on $5 in the USA or $10 anywhere else.

A scan of our Membership Roster some years ago showed that BOB lived not far from OTTO GIESE (45-1984). OTTO had been the II.W.O. of U-405 but was transferred off to go to Commanding Officer’s School just before U-405 departed on her final Feindfahrt (war patrol) so, since our motto is “Yesterday’s Enemies are Today’s Friends” we put the two former enemies in contact with each other.