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Vet 2290

SHARKHUNTERS Salutes Veterans


United States Marines Combat Veteran, Vietnam War

BILL NAPIER was born 12 November 1944, the very day that the German battleship TIRPITZ was sunk so as more than 900 young men were drowning in that Norwegian fjord, he was coming into the world. He was a United States Marine who, as a machine gunner, served two combat tours in Vietnam where he experienced 250 patrols against the enemy.

After his discharge and on his own, he sought out and met many American veterans of various wars and through Sharkhunters, he met many German veterans including the vaunted Waffen SS – fine men all in BILL‘s words.

He is 100% disabled from his service in Vietnam but he volunteers at his local Veterans Administration, helping veterans returning from the Middle East battlefields.
He also volunteers outside the military with special needs people.

He said, “I enjoy meeting all the various veterans – God bless them all.

BILL is a Member of the Sharkhunters Advisory Board. Click here to meet all the Advisors. TO ADVISORS PAGE

In addition to the normal awards he earned while in combat in Vietnam, he was decorated with the Vietnamese Cross Of Gallantry with Palm. This decoration was awarded “for Deeds of Valor or Heroic Conduct While in Combat with the Enemy.”