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Vet 240

SHARKHUNTERS Salutes Veterans

GEORG HÖGEL (240-1987)

Kriegsmarine, U-Bootwaffe


GEORG HÖGEL was in the Kriegsmarine before the war started and he was involved in a number of “Firsts

  • U-30, the first U-Boat into combat,
  • On U-30, they fired the first torpedo in the war;
  • They blew up a rock they thought was a cruiser…
  • On U-30, they sank the first ship of the war, the liner ATHENIA;
  • On U-30, GEORG was ordered to tear out the pages of his logbook about sinking ATHENIA;
  • On U-30, the first boat into a captured French port;When U-30 went into training service, GEORG went with his Skipper Fritz-Julius Lemp when they took over U-110. GEORG was the Funkmaat (Petty Officer, Radio) aboard this boat too.  When U-110 was captured by the Royal Navy, it was GEORG‘s code books and Enigma decoding machine they captured.GEORG was with us for our first “Patrol” (1987 Key Largo, Florida) as well as almost all our “Southern Patrols” in Germany.




In a quiet moment aboard one of the boats from Atlantis Dive Shop, GERD THÄTER (194-1986) chats with GEORG …perhaps remembering days at sea long ago.



After the war, he became a Professor of Art at the University in München. He is an incredibly talented artist and he has done all the conning tower emblems that we use in our KTB Magazine as well as in many of our books.