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Vet 2454

SHARKHUNTERS Salutes Veterans

Admiral BERNARD CLAREY (2454-1992)

United States Navy, Submarine Service

After graduating Oskaloosa (Iowa) High School “Chick” as he was known, attended William Penn College for one year then entered the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis.

He was commissioned Ensign on 31 May 1934 and his first assignment was aboard the cruiser USS MILWAUKEE (CL 5) from June 1934 through December 1936.

He decided that his heart lies with the submarines, so in January 1937 he began Submarine training at the Submarine Base, New London.

After becoming a submariner he reported on board USS NAUTILUS (SS 168) in June 1937 where he served as Engineer First Lieutenant and Communications Officer while NAUTILUS was the Flagship of Submarine Division Twelve based at Pearl Harbor.

In June 1941 he reported on board USS DOLPHIN (SS 169).

He was Executive Officer aboard DOLPHIN on December 7th during the Japanese attack.

After commissioning USS AMBERJACK (SS 219) at New London, he completed two war patrols as Executive Officer and the war patrols were so successful that he was decorated with the Silver Star.

He transferred to USS PETO (SS 265) as Prospective Commanding Officer and completed one war patrol to the South Pacific.

He returned to Portsmouth Navy Yard to put USS PINTADO (SS 265) into commission as her Commanding Officer.

CLAREY moved up the Chain of Command to ComSubPac and CinCPacFlt. He was a tough officer apparently, as we have had some retired Captain tell us that CLAREY was the one who prevented their promotions to Rear Admiral; and there were a couple Rear Admirals who said it was CLAREY who prevented their advancement with another star.

After the war, he held many positions in the Navy then upon retirement went into banking and retired as the President of the Bank of Hawaii.