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Vet 247

SHARKHUNTERS Salutes Veterans


Kriegsmarine, U-Bootwaffe

kl873DETLEV was diving planesman aboard U-315, emigrated to the USA and became a citizen in the 1950’s where he was an owner/operator of a car hauler truck.  For a time he lived near our HQ in Florida and was a huge help.
At the first ever (1987) Sharkhunters “Patrol“, DETLEV ZIMMERMANN is 1st from the left at Atlantis Dive Shop owned by Captain SPENCER SLATE 1657-1990).Diving planesman aboard U-315 under HERBERT ZOLLER 366-1987.  He was one of the fortunate very few who survived one of the notorious ‘Eisenhower Death Camps’ because he had some hidden food.  In the middle 1950’s, he and his wife emigrated to the USA where he bought a car hauler truck. He and his wife Ruth became like Opa and Oma to the children of Sharkhunters founder HARRY COOPER 1-LIFE-1983.