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Vet 2669

SHARKHUNTERS Salutes Veterans


United States Navy, Submarine Service

JIM was a ‘cold war‘ US Navy Submarine Officer; commissioned May 1977 at the University of Virginia.

He went through the ‘Nuclear Training Pipeline‘ 1977-1978, to Sub School over summer 1978 then reported to USS JAMES MONROE (SSBN-622 Gold) for his Junior Officer Tour and to qualify on submarines.

He completed five Strategic Deterrent Poseidon patrols and six refits (five in Holy Loch, Scotland and one in Rota, Spain).

In July 1981 he was transferred to Commander Submarine Forces Atlantic Fleet (ComSubLant) for his shore tour as a submarine qualified Nuclear Officer.

Here we see JIM with his pride and joy – his 1967 Sunbeam TIGER.

These super sports cars were powered by a 260 c.i.d. Ford engine and the most famous of them was driven by TV show super ‘spook’ agent Maxwell Smart. Great cars…