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Vet 2856

SHARKHUNTERS Salutes Veterans


Luftwaffe, later Luftwaffe of the Bundswehr

Relaxing at the Berghof, Hitler’s home on the Obersalzberg. Many highly
decorated warriors were brought there for a meeting with Adolf Hitler.

GrafPUNSKI in his field gear. His Knights Cross
with Oak Leaf is clearly shown in both shots.

With 197 confirmed aerial victories, KRUPINSKI was one of the top fighter pilots of World War Two and indeed, ever in history. His buddies called him “Graf” PUNSKI, meaning Count Krupinski because he was born in Prussia. In this photo below, he is 2nd from the right. This photo was shot to commemorate the 200th aerial victory of GÜNTHER RALL(2810-1993), who is 2nd from the left. Both RALL and KRUPINSKI returned to the Luftwaffe after the war and both retired at the rank of Generalleutnant.

WALTER KRUPINSKI was a Member of Sharkhunters from 1993 until his passing on 7 October 2000, just one month short of his 80th birthday.