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Vet 2919

SHARKHUNTERS Salutes Veterans

FRANK KELSO (2919-1993)

United States Navy, Submarine Service, CNO – Chief of Naval Operations

He graduated the US Naval Academy 1956 and his first posting was aboard USS OGLETHORPE (AKA-100). He then attended Submarine School and served aboard USS SABALO (SS 302). He returned to a branch of the Submarine School to learn nuclear power in 1960 and served a year in the Nuclear Power Department at the same school. After returning to the Fleet, he was an officer on the commissioning crew of USS POLLACK (SSN 603); was Engineering Officer aboard USS DANIEL WEBSTER (SSBN 626) and Executive Officer aboard USS SCULPIN (SSN 590).

Over the two years from January 1969 to August 1971,he had several postings including Commanding Officer of the U.S. Naval Nuclear Power School;Commanding Officer USS FINBACK (SS FINBACK (SSN 670);on the Command Staff of the U.S. Navy Submarine Force(Atlantic Fleet); Commanding Officer USS BLUEFISH (SSN 675). He held many other important positions in the Navy culminating in his being CNO, the top job in the United States Navy.

His career was cut short when he was forced to retire two months early amid allegations arising from the 1991 “Tailhook” scandal in Las Vegas. Senator Barbara Boxer led a group of female Senators demanding that KELSO be reduced from Admiral (4 stars) to Rear Admiral (2 Stars) but they were not successful and he retired at the rank of Admiral.