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Vet 315

SHARKHUNTERS Salutes Veterans

CARL  EMMERMANN  (315-1987)

Kriegsmarine, U-Bootwaffe


Emmermann1RKBest        RKEcolor
Born 6 March 1915 in Hamburg, EMMERMANN was in Naval Class 1934.

He was a highly successful Skipper, sinking 27 ships with a total tonnage of 152,904 gross tons.

He brought his U-172 all the way into Capetown Harbour where his I.W.O.
HERMANN HOFFMANN (1365-1990) took the famous photograph of Table Mountain.

He was decorated with the Knights Cross on 27 Nov. 1942 and with the Oak Leaf on 4 July 1943.
EPEmmermann3                               EPEmmermann2
In the Southern Seas, EMMERMANN is reading a book.Enjoying a smoke with his I.W.O. HOFFMANN.
Looking very dapper.Gunnery practice at sea.
Repairs at sea.Most of these photographs taken by I.W.O. HOFFMANN.