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Vet 3290

SHARKHUNTERS Salutes Veterans

BARON GEORG von ZIRK (3290-1993)


As a young man growing up on his father’s farm estate in Poland, he witnessed the Blitzkrieg as the Wehrmacht raced in to save ethnic Germans who were being massacred by Polish authorities and civilians. As he stood at the side of the road, a staff car stopped and the Panzer general was about to shoot him in retaliation for some of his men killed in an ambush. A huge German sergeant stepped in front of GEORG and explained to the general that he was a German and that spared his life.

He went to Germany and joined the Luftwaffe and became a navigator//bombardier on a Heinkel HE 111 bomber. He saw service through the entire war and during his last mission to drop supplies to Wehrmacht and Waffen SS troops, he could see the Western Front and the Eastern Front at the same time – the war was all but over and the fronts were just miles apart.

He emigrated to the United States after the war and became a US citizen.