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EBERHARD  GODT  (344-1987)

Kriegsmarine, U-Bootwaffe

Godt2xBorn 15 August 1900 in the beautiful village of Lübeck, GODT joined the Kaiserlichemarine, the Navy of the Kaiser, and on 1 July 1918 was a Seekadet.  Promoted to Fähnrich zur See (Midshipman) on 1 April 1922 then to the rank of Oberfähnrich zur See (Senior Midshipman) on 1 October 1923.  His promotions came in good order, being promoted to Leutnant zur See on 1 April 1942; to Oberleutnant zur See on 1 January 1926; to Kapitänleutnant on 1 July 1933; to Korvettenkapitän on 1 April 1937; to Fregettenkapitän on 1 July 1940; to Kapitän zur See on 1 September 1942 and ultimately to Konteradmiral on 1 March 1943.
doenitz3aWhile GODT joined the Kaiserlichemarine in the closing moments of World War One, he dropped out of the Navy at the surrender and was out for more than a year.

He came back into the Reichmarine in March 1920 and after graduating the Academy he served on torpedoboats, most notably G-10 and T-155.  He was then posted to the cruiser EMDEN and was under the command of (then) Fregettenkapitän Karl Dönitz.  Serving with Dönitz caused him to request a transfer into the U-Bootwaffe.  GODT is on the right in this wartime magazine cover.

   EDITOR NOTE – This is the same reason that ERICH TOPP 118-1985 went to the U-Boats.

U-25bxHis first submarine command was U-25 from 6 April 1936 through 3 January 1937.  This was one of the two Type I-A boats that were notorious for the bad handling characteristics.
U-23axxHe next commanded the Type II-B coastal U-Boat U-23.  These little 250 ton boats were called ‘Einbaum‘ (dugout canoes) by their crews.

This particular boat had a stellar career in the U-Bootwaffe. Her first wartime Skipper was OTTO KRETSCHMER 122-1985, who scored many successes with this boat.  That boat is seen to the left on a barge going down the Donau River for Costanza, Rumania on the Black Sea coast to operate against Soviet forces under other Skippers including RUDOLF ARENDT 7563-2011.