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Vet 3518

SHARKHUNTERS Salutes Veterans

Kapitän zur See KURT DIGGINS (3518-1994)

Kriegsmarine,U-Bootwaffe, Commander of U-458 Präsident Veband Deutsche U-Bootfahrer (VDU)

During the total war, KURT DIGGINS commanded U-458 but as we see in these photos below, he was very active in Buenos Aires during the time the panzerschiff GRAFF SPEE was in Montevideo Harbor, Uruguay.

Note that Langsdorff is favoring a tender spot on his left chest, a wound sustained in the battle with the three Royal Navy cruisers.


We had this beautiful print made of Captain DIGGINS at the periscope and had 500 copies made of the original. To help Sharkhunters in our work to keep their history alive and honest,18 veterans on the Kriegsmarine HAND-SIGNED each and every one of the 500 prints. They include:

  • One with Knights Cross with Oak Leaf and Crossed Swords;
  •  Seven Knights Cross holders;
  • One who went through Gibraltar TWICE;
  • Deutsches Kreuz in Gold;
  • Radioman aboard U-81 when they sank HMS ARK ROYAL;
  • A U-Boat officer who was really an Abwehr agent
  • A Skipper who wrote the best book ever on the U-Bootwaffe

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