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Vet 3526

SHARKHUNTERS Salutes Veterans

MONTE MARKHEM (3526-1994)

United States Coast Guard

MONTE MARKHAM served in the United States Coast Guard – in his words, the Coast Guard’s oldest lieutenant. I was//am Coast Guard …OCS at the academy in New
London. Served:

  • Captain of the Port – Norfolk
  • Captain of the Port – San Francisco
  • Onboard ‘The Walnut’ …Dry Tortugas
  • Coast Guard West Coast Training Center – ran small arms training, first AR-15’s

Received the Coast Guard Meritorious Public Service Award; awarded by the Commandant in Washington. Ten years in, retired a full lieutenant.

MONTEmade many films with the Coast Guard including “9/11” and “The Perfect Storm“.

MONTE was busy working with the Productions and Filming of the Coast Guard over the years and forgot to keep up correspondence and courses for regular advancement in the Reserves. Finally, they hinted ‘for
the good of the service
‘ since I was the oldest active lieutenant on the books …he might just retire.

While doing a movie many years ago – a few decades actually, MONTE and his crew came upon this cemetery far up the Amazon River …not far from the city of Manaus. This photo is not from MONTE, but he confirmed the existence of this graveyard where many graves have such a marker with a Swastika, and all dates indicate that many in this German expedition succumbed to disease in 1936. We hope to send a Sharkhunters expedition far up the Amazon to locate and film this cemetery and anything connected with it.

MONTE and his wife Klaire visited Sharkhunters HQ in 2011.