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Vet 3744

SHARKHUNTERS Salutes Veterans

ALFRED RICHERT (3744-1994)
United States Army

Korean War veteran and Sharkhunters Member since 1994. Joined the U.S. Army in 1951 to fight in the Korean War. After Basic Training in Pennsylvania then artillery training in Texas,he got orders to ship to Japan to fight in Korea.

He was pulled off the gangplank of the ship that was to take him to Japan and he went instead to radar training in Kansas but as he was about to again depart for Japan,there was another change of orders and he was shipped to Bavaria. His outfit was based in the former SS barracks in Nürnberg in a counter mortar group and he watched the Czechs put up their ‘Iron Curtain’ in the Bohemian Forest.

He says he spent most of his time fighting the “Battle of the Frauleins”,got 16 Marks for a carton of Camels and had a great tour of Germany.

His Basic Training buddy was one of the 39,000 Americans to die in Korea;frozen to death in the bitter Korean winter.