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Vet 3791

SHARKHUNTERS Salutes Veterans

Captain ALVIN CHESTER (3791-1994)
United States Navy
Destroyer Escorts

Captain ALVIN CHESTERcommanded a US Navy destroyer escort in combat during World War Two. After the war,he wrote several books and opened a marine supply center in the Florida Keys. Captain ALjoined us at one of our Sharkhunters “Patrols“in the Keys where he met and became friends with Knights CrossHolder Oberleutnant zur See HANS-GEORG HESS(125-1985),Skipper of U-995as well as friends with Captain EDWARD L. BEACH(1163-1989),United States Navy submarine commander and an author as well with many books in print including his most famous “Run Silent! Run Deep!“which was made into a movie with an all-star cast.