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Vet 526

TYLL  SASS  (526-1988)
United States Army


TYLL‘s background is an interesting one. Born in Germany, his father serving in the Wehrmacht and TYLL knew the terrors of World War Two from the German side. His mother emigrated to the United States with TYLL and they became citizens. Sharkhunters President HARRY COOPER (1-LIFE-1983) met TYLL when HARRY was a yacht bum living on his boat in the Bahamas.  A fierce storm blew up while HARRY‘s boat was at anchor and the wind was so strong it was pushing his boat, even with two anchors down, towards a reef only about 100 yards away. HARRY was standing on the bow wondering what he could do to save his boat when suddenly TYLL popped up from the water in front of the boat.  He saw the problem and yelled at HARRY to throw the 80-pound storm anchor to him. HARRY wasn’t too sure about throwing this huge anchor but TYLL insisted, so the anchor was thrown at TYLL.  He caught it and immediately disappeared from view. Just when all thought TYLL was dead, the anchor line began moving forward – TYLL was swimming underwater with the anchor, then dug it in, saving HARRY‘s boat.  TYLL later opened a dive operation in the Caribbean and there was a Sharkhunters dive trip there.